Top 8 Canadian “Bet on Horses” Racing Games To Follow

Canada, like the USA and Great Britain, also holds several horse racing events that are celebrated all-year-round.

If the U.S. has Triple Crown Series and Great Britain has Cheltenham Festival, then Canada has eight legendary races to boast. These events offer huge prizes not only for racehorses but also for esteemed bettors.

It only goes to show that there are many countries in the world that you can visit to see grand racing events. Apart from that, you can also partake in the betting games it offers to earn an alternative way of living.

Hence, let us know better the top Canadian horse racing shows you can witness. If you plan to head on to these events, make sure you are equipped with the best horse betting strategy to immensely grow your bank account.

Breeder’s Stakes

The Canada Breeders’ Stakes takes place every August. It is one of the oldest Canadian horse racing events that was inaugurated in 1889. The Breeders’ Stakes settles annually at Woodbine Racetrack in Ontario, Canada.

Aside from that, it is also considered as the third segment of the Canadian Triple Crown Series, which is completed in 1 1 /2-mile running distance. Only three-year-old horses are allowed to compete in a Turf race and must be a Canadian native. The purse prize of the winning racehorse is around CDN$500, 000.

Canadian International Stakes

Another huge horse racing showdown that happens in Canada annually is the Canadian International Stakes. It is a Grade 1 Stakes race that only allows three-year-old and up racehorses to saddle an incredible speed in a Turf racing type.

The horses must entirely run a 1 ½ mile running distance. This event is a bit bigger compared to Breeders’ Stakes when it comes to the prize. A deserving racehorse can win around CDN$800, 000.

E.P. Taylor Stakes

The E.P. Taylor Stakes settles every October at Woodbine Racetrack, Ontario, Canada. It is an exclusive horse racing competition intended for three-year-old mares and fillies. It still features a Turf type of racing game for the female horses who will compete in this event.

Also, the running distance for the E.P. Taylor Stakes measures around one ¼ mile. As a Grade 1 Stakes event, the winner for this racing show can take home a purse prize amounting to CDN$500, 000.

Prince Of Wales Stakes

The Prince of Wales Stakes is the second leg of the Canadian Triple Crown Series. It takes place every June, which is preceded by the Queen’s Plate and succeeded by the Breeders’ Stakes.

This event settles at Fort Erie Racetrack in Ontario, Canada. Only three-year-old racehorses that are born in Canada are allowed to compete in the said show. The running distance measures around 1 3/16 miles, and the winning horse can earn CDN$400, 000.

Queen’s Plate

Queen’s Plate serves as the first leg of the Canadian Triple Crown Series. It is considered Canada’s oldest horse racing show, which was established in 1860. The same with its succeeding segments, Queen’s Plate is attended by Canadian-bred three-year-old racehorses.

All entries will compete in a one ¼ mile running distance at Woodbine Racetrack. The winner of the Queen’s Plate can take home a prize amounting to CDN$1, 000, 000.

Natalma Stakes

Natalma Stakes is another Canadian horse event that takes place in Woodbine Racetrack every year. It settles every September where attending horses compete in the Grade 1 category.

The Natalma Stakes is solely intended for two-year-old female horses who will race a 1-mile running distance. A prize of CDN$250, 000 awaits for the deserving winner.

Northern Dancer Turf Stakes

Another annual Canadian horse racing event that takes place in Woodbine Racetrack is the Northern Dancer Turf Stakes. This event was inaugurated in 1953, which commences in mid-September each year.

It is a Grade 1 Stakes event that allows three-year-old racehorses and up to compete in a 1 ½ mile running distance.  The current purse prize for this racing show is CDN$227, 040.

Woodbine Mile

The last horse racing event to happen in Woodbine Racetrack is the Woodbine Mile. It is also a Grade 1 Stakes racing show that started in 1988.  It settles every September in the said racing field.

Moreover, it features three-year-old thoroughbreds that will saddle up  on a Turf surface with a running distance of 1 mile. The prize for this event is around CDN$800,700.


The horse racing shows that take place in Canada every year can surely help you earn big when you dive into the massive betting games they offer. Thus, if you don’t want to miss these events, make sure you are guided with the Canadian races and their schedules listed above.

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