Top Dog Hot Dogs

There are two kinds of people in this world: burger people and hot dog people. While we prefer to remain neutral, we realize that perhaps an unfair advantage has been given to the burger people (see: Burger of the Week) when really, there are just as many ways to dress up your frank as there are your patty.

In the U.S., the hot dog is practically their unofficial national dish—for good reason! From coast to coast they are pros at putting unique things on top of their hot dogs, from sauerkraut to chili, potatoes to peppers. Hot dog people, take note! Here are some regional ways our southern neighbours like to dress their dogs. We certainly think they cut the mustard.

New York System Hot Wiener

Not a misnomer, this style is actually typical in Providence, Rhode Island (allegedly the creators were originally from New York). Small in size, they still have big flavour. After being griddled, the “wieners” are topped with diced onions, ground beef sauce, mustard and celery salt.

Italian Dog

Not surprisingly, these dogs hail from Newark, New Jersey. Between either half-moon pizza bread or an Italian roll, this style means the dog is deep fried and dressed with peppers, fried potatoes and fried or grilled onions.

New York Dog

Appropriately named, you can find this style in … you guessed it—New York. Commonly purchased from street carts, these are boiled and topped with mustard, sauerkraut and onions or any of your other favourite toppings!

Detroit Coney Dog

Not for the faint of heart, these hot dogs may be small in size because the toppings are what it’s really about. In a steamed bun, it is finished with no-bean, beef heart chili, mustard onions and quite often, shredded cheddar cheese.

Reuben Dog

From Kansas City, Missouri these franks are done deli-style. Topped with melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing and caraway seeds, they are melt-in-your-mouth good without actually melting in your mouth.

Sonoran Dog

Adding a little something extra to their dogs, Arizonans know that bacon makes everything better. After wrapping their hot dog in bacon it is popped into a Mexican bolillo roll and topped with mayo, mustard, jalapeño salsa, pinto beans, onions and chopped tomatoes.

Seattle Dog

While you can always add whatever you’d like, these dogs are made unique by the toasted bun lined with cream cheese. If you want to eat it like the Seattle locals, grill and split the frank before dressing it with jalapeños, grilled onions and cabbage.

Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Chicagoans are no-nonsense and so is their hot dog. The poppy seed bun is a must and their topping are non-negotiable. If you want to do it right, diced onions, sweet relish, spicy pickled green peppers, sliced tomatoes, mustard, celery salt and a dill pickle spear are the way to go—and the only way to go.

Slaw Dog

You might want to save some room for this one. A West Virginia favourite, there are only two toppings … but a whole lot of each. After adding your dog to a steamed bun, very generously dollop on spicy chili and finish with a hearty helping of mayo-based coleslaw.

So chow down, chow hounds!

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