• By: Keith Whittier

Top Five Alternative Things to do in Ottawa

Instead of taking a trip around the world and picking out the best things to do in foreign lands, we’ve decided to stay closer to home this issue and highlight some of Ottawa’s finest things to do.

ottawalifeHowever, in the interest of variety, we’ve decided to stray slightly from the beaten track and outline some of the less obvious gems dotted around the city. From extreme highs to quiet drinks, or snapshot guide to alternative Ottawa should give you more than enough to do regardless of how long your visit is.

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Sundance Balloon Rideottawalife2

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To really get a feel for the topography and geography of Ottawa you need to head upwards. Balloon tours are one of the best ways to see the city and Sundance offers some of the best trips. Leaving at sunrise or sunset, these trips will fly you gently over a variety of landscapes and give you a real sense of what the city is like. Although you’ll need a head for heights, we suggest you take the early morning flight and use it as a way to orientate yourself (as much as that’s possible) before heading off for your next adventure.

The Haunted Walk

ottawalife3Photo by Dita Actor 

Continuing the theme of activities that keep you moving, our next suggestion for alternative things to do in Ottawa is the ghost walk. Now operating in various cities across Canada, The Haunted Walk offers you a glimpse into the ghoulish past with series of interactive tours.

The now legendary Ottawa tour is where the company first started and as you stalk through the streets by lantern light, the guides do their best to illuminate the dark underbelly of the city. As a tip, before you go on the tour make sure you do a bit of research into the places you’ll be visiting (such as the Fairmont Château Laurier) so you can get a real sense of the history of the place.

Manx Pub Drinking

ottawalife4Photo by Bernt Rostad 

After gliding through the air and walking through the streets you’ll no doubt want a rest and a drink and there are few better places for a quiet pint than the Manx Pub. Located in Elgin Street, this basement pub screams traditional thanks to its copper-top tables and endless walls of velvet. Aside from the setting, one of the most attractive features of this pub is the selection of microbrews. Sourced from the best small producers in the country, these ales will certainly set you up for a night on the town.

Ante-Up at Casino du Lac-Leamy

ottawalife5Photo by aresauburnâ„¢ 

An evening of excitement for anyone, Ottawa’s main casino is not only a place where you can roll the dice and flirt with lady luck, but an all-round entertainment venue. Indeed, from drinks and dining to shows in the Le Théâtre du Casino, this place really is a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs.

Of course, with more than 1,500 casino games to choose from you’ll no doubt want to have a flutter; however, it’s always best to proceed with caution. As a tip, we’d suggest going online and playing some virtual casino games before you visit Casino du Lac-Leamy. The iGaming world offers a variety of free games and free cash offers so you can ante-up with a minimum amount of risk. One of best ways to find the most suitable place to play is by checking out some of the online casino bonus guides here.

Whether you’re in Ottawa or abroad, you can always play free casino at vipclubcasino.com.

Bytowne Cinema Experience

ottawalife6Photo by Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz) 

After a day of activity and a night of adrenaline fuelled action, the best way to bring your trip to Ottawa to a close is by catching a late night movie at the Bytowne Cinema. Found in the centre of Ottawa’s indie district on Rideau Street, this place has been screening independent and international movies for more than 60 years. So, if you like your films as alternative as some of the activities we’ve outlined in this article then we suggest we end your whistle-stop tour of Ottawa with a trip to the cinema.