Top Three Sporting Events In January 2017

The simplistic manner in which statics on almost everything on the face of the planet can be obtained make it easy determine the top three sporting events in January 2017. Popularity of sporting events on the global scale can displayed by the viewership. Although there are several factors that can affect like on-continent popularity and population density of the continent. However three sporting events that will have the world captivated are The Australian Open, the African Cup of Nations and the WBA super bantamweight championship rematch.

First on the calendar is the African soccer show. Recent growth in football on the African continent mean this episode of the African football championship might be the most explosive yet. The reigning champions Ivory Coast will be hard pressed to retain their title. The champions are in a tight group with some of the best talent in Africa. Togo, Morocco and DR Congo are in the same group with the champions. The February 5 final could have any of the 16 teams that made it to the continental showcase. A bet on any of the said underdogs could result in a major win. Online gambling sites such as usually give better odds than land based establishments for such tournaments.

The Australian open is the first Grand slam tennis tournament of the year. It will start on 16 January and end on 29 January. An Angelique Kerber versus Serena Williams final will be a dream come true for many tennis fans. This would be a rematch of last year’s final. Meanwhile the men’s title will be contested by current world number one Andy Murrey and the five time winner Novak Djokovic.

Las Vegas is the venue of the WBA Super Bantamweight Championship rematch between Leo Santa Cruz and Carl Frampton. The MGM Grand will host this high profile, high money boxing match. The athletes are not the only ones making money on the night of 28th of January. Land based bookies and online gambling sites will be offering great opportunities to win real money on this fight.