• By: Sid Cratzbarg

Top your winter look off with the perfect stylish accessory

Photos by Richard Tardif Photo

I am not a winter person. I often wish I could escape the season, but, unfortunately, I need to stay put and deal with it. If you can’t beat it, then work on your winter wardrobe and find the perfect cold-weather accessory — the hat.

Many different styles are functional, stylish, and hip, but the fedora is the favourite that I love to wear.

Fedora-like hats have been worn since the early 20th century. It was thanks to The Prince Of Wales that the fedora became popular. He was a real man of style, and when he replaced his stiff Homburg hat with a fedora, everyone followed his lead.

It wasn’t long before the fedora replaced other style hats. Then, in the ’50s, men solidified the idea that a hat was a must-have masculine accessory. 

Many iconic stars and actors have worn the fedora, including Humphrey Bogart, Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, and Bruno Mars. They are definitely a fashion statement and can easily be dressed down for a casual look. A fedora is a definite GHI (Gotta-Have-It) accessory for winter 2022.

I have been wearing classic black and grey fedoras for years, but I am constantly searching for unique, bright, colourful options to add to my collection. I am so happy that they are making fedoras in jewel tones for both men and women. 

I have managed to find a few, but in my search, I discovered Chapeaux De Madeleine on Dalhousie Street in our nation’s capital. 

Madeleine Cormier designs the most unique and incredible hats for men and women. It was a fun, awesome experience working with her to create my vision of a fedora that always gets noticed by people who stop to ask, “Where did you get your hat?”

Finding the perfect hat will complete your wardrobe while helping you make the best of winter.

Hat styles for winter 2022

BEANIES: These popular hats have been shown on every major fashion runway this season. They are worn by men and women come in a variety of colours which give them a cool vibe. Beanies look fabulous with sweaters, jeans, and sportswear.   

PANAMA HATS: Panama hats are also trendy this season. The same headrests used for summer are now made from wool. They are a wonderful addition to your fall/winter hat collection.

FLAT CAP: Originally worn by farmers and chimney-sweepers, these caps are now a classic look of distinction. They are made of wool or tweed and have a flat rounded shape with a small hard front-facing peak. I love how they look with a single-breasted overcoat and jeans.

TRAPPER HATS: Made from a variety of materials with ear flaps lined with wool, real fur, even faux fur, trapper hats are a cool hip look. They certainly block the cold air from hitting your ears. Most of them are brimless, but some styles have a small visor to keep your forehead warm. I love that the flaps can be tied at the crown of the head or beneath the chin. 

BASEBALL CAPS: The baseball cap does not look good on everyone, but they are a staple in many men’s closets. They lend a hipster look to many guys and can be worn throughout the year. For this season, companies have designed them in wool, tweed, and corduroy, which certainly provides more warmth.