Tourism returns big time in Mexico

The Success of Tianguis Turistico 2021 in Yucatán is great news for Canadian Travelers

Mexico is a favourite annual destination for Canadians who travel south between November and April each year to get a respite from winter. In 2019-2020-just before the Covid-19 pandemic, close to two million Canadians visited Mexico — half of whom arrived in Cancun. The subsequent 2020-2021 global pandemic lockdown in international travel dramatically impacted Mexico’s tourism industry as visitors stayed home waiting for the worst of the crisis to pass, and for the rollout of vaccines and other Covid protocols. Mexico Tourism's response to Covid-19 has been exemplary and the country has exceptional Covid protocols in all public places and a high vaccination rate.

The good news is that tourism is definitely back on the front burner in Mexico.

The state of Yucatán hosted the 45th edition of ‘ Tianguis Turistico 2021’ from November 16 to 19, 2021 and it was the most successful tourism expo in Mexico’s history, surpassing all previous events. Held in Mérida, under the tagline, ‘The Rebirth of Tourism’, representatives from all 32 states in Mexico showcased their many offerings for visitors. Media from over 40 countries observed as 1,635 buyers,1,017 companies, and 3,492 exhibitors from 936 companies gathered in preparation for the millions of tourists expected to return to Mexico in late 2021 and throughout 2002 and beyond. The main message from Tianguis Turistico 2021 is that Mexico tourism is open for business and eagerly awaits the return of Canadians and international travelers.

Whether it's a stay for a week or two at one of the many stunning all-inclusive resorts or an excursion in gastronomy and adventure, Mexico has much to offer. Pristine beaches and sunny skies abound from Cancun to the fabulous Riviera Maya in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum, to Puerto Vallarta and the Pacific Riviera Nayarit. More adventurous getaways can be found in exploring the central highlands in the interior state of Guanajuato or by visiting the city of San Miguel de Allende, a spectacular colonial-era throwback known for its baroque architecture, thriving arts scene, and cultural festivals.

Tourism stats show the 10 most popular tourist destinations in Mexico are Cancun at 28%; Riviera Maya at 18%; Merida at 16%; Mexico City and Los Cabos at 15%; Acapulco at 14%; Oaxaca and Puerto Vallarta at 13% and Guadalajara at 10%. Travel agencies, agents, and tour operators say that the top attractions for Mexico are nature tourism at 58%; culture at 57%; gastronomic at 55%; adventure at 50%, sun and beach at 41%, and romantic vacations at 37%.

Photos: Nicholas Kontis and ENroute Communications