• By: OLM Staff

Transforming Vintage Furniture = Personality

Now that spring is in bloom, it seems like a great time to inject new life into your old-fashioned hand-me downs or uninspired vintage finds. The question is, how to do it?

Transforming vintage pieces is a sure fire way to add personality to your decor. When you buy everything new, you can sometimes create an impersonal, bland space – not always desirable if you intend on projecting “you” in your home.

Vintage furniture is often less expensive, of higher quality, is something no one else is likely to have, and is a great way to recycle.  The decorating options are endless. If the frame of your piece is in poor condition, spraying it in black or white is a great way to freshen it up and modernize it. There is something about white or black that emphasizes the simplicity of form and line. Of course, if the vintage piece in question is in for example, teak or is an heirloom antique, it is best to re-finish to let the wood grain show or let the patina continue to evolve over time.

Let your intuition guide you – if you don?t love the piece as it exists, change it, resell it, or donate it.

Besides paint or stain, upholstery is another great way to make a dramatic change to a tired piece. Pairing opposites is an approach I often take – for example a granny chair upholstered in a modern, colorful, graphic, and boldly patterned fabric is a great way to make something old-fashioned feel current. By placing great designer fabric on a yard sale find, you elevate the entire piece and have something that is of value and one of a kind. (The photos highlight this effect.)

Personality is added without losing any of the character. For those who may be intimidated by reams of fabric or for those savvy do it yourself decorators who appreciate stylish fabric but are unable to access it, check out my website. Personality trumps perfectionism when you decorate with vintage pieces — all the more reason to support many of our great vintage stores, antique markets, and auctions right here in Ottawa. Better yet, reuse what you already have. With a little attention, you may just have a treasure lurking in your basement.

Happy spring!
Tanya Collins Design