• By: Grace Tan

Transpera Technologies – boosting business and growing impact

Entrepreneurs rejoice! Although digital marketing can be a maze, the team at Transpera Technologies wants to help navigate it for you. All you have to do is pick the budget—even easier now that Transpera is offering a $300 credit to new clients towards any service they provide. Their goal is to work alongside their clients and grow the impact of their businesses through the many layers of digital marketing.

With a wide variety of services including online advertising, content development, search engine optimization and more, Transpera covers all the bases so that business owners don’t have to. This full-service marketing agency focuses on increasing the impact of their client’s business—both in Canada and on the international stage.

From hotels in Canmore to tanning salons in Toronto, Transpera has worked with companies across Canada. Their main office is located in Calgary, and last summer, they opened up an office right here in Ottawa. Whether a business is based here or across the province, the team at Transpera wants to help them increase their impact online.

What makes Transpera different from other agencies is their fully customizable packages. While other companies might have set packages for businesses to choose from, Transpera believes in tailoring each plan to fit the needs of their client.

“Businesses are unique, so a package that works for one business might not work for another—even if they’re in the same industry,” says Karl Latkovic, Transpera’s Marketing and Design Manager in Ottawa. “We like to take a very custom approach to everybody’s marketing goals.”

As the company name suggests, Transpera aims to be transparent with their workflow. Before any work gets done, a team member will meet with the client to discuss the goals for the business. From there, they will create a custom package based on their needs and budget.

“It’s important to us that everyone’s on the same page and that they’re happy with the plan and the project going forward,” Latkovic explains. “It’s very personal, very client-centred. We take little requests from clients that more structured digital agencies might not have the leeway for.”

In keeping with the company name, Transpera team members schedule regular meetings and calls with clients to let them know exactly what work is being done, as well as keep them in the loop about what’s coming up next. They also provide detailed reports outlining results through every step of the way.

“Whatever a client is looking for—we find a way to incorporate it. We want to make sure they’re getting what they want,” says Latkovic.

Transpera offers many digital marketing services, and the team wants to make sure clients are given all the available options to pick and choose from. In a digital world that’s always evolving, the team will make sure to showcase their business to the right people.

The new office in Ottawa makes consultation and meetings very convenient for businesses located in the area. Clear and honest communication between team member and client ensures that work gets followed through to completion.

To get started, Transpera is offering a special promotion for a limited time. New clients will receive a $300 credit towards any service that Transpera has to offer—this includes search engine optimization, social media management, content development, and much more. This credit can be applied to any package, no matter how it’s tailored to fit the client’s needs.

To learn more about Transpera and boost the impact of your business, visit their website and get $300 credit when you sign up!