Travel the world from home with HARTLEYBEE destination bracelets

As lockdowns roll over the nation like waves on a beach, that’s where plenty of people go—in their minds, at least. We dream about big vacations and destinations, both past and future, as we stay stuck in our homes.

Though you could rely on your imagination to recreate the beautiful vacations and memories of days gone by, and to imagine new ones for the future, Ottawa-based artisan Jenn Hartley Boyce has a new way to inspire wanderlust while at home.

HARTLEYBEE, Boyce’s small business, sells handcrafted travel-inspired wrap bracelets imbued with the all colours and emotions of destinations around the world, from Sedona to Naples, Turks and Caicos to San Fran, and London to Paris.

“You may not be able to squish the sand in your toes or hear the rush of the ocean waves right now, but you can wear Naples on your wrist and remember your awesome time there.” says Boyce of her ‘Naples’ beaded wrap bracelet. Wearing a destination can bring back fond memories of time spent there—or inspire you to make some new ones on your next trip.

The wide variety of destination-inspired wrap bracelets come in three sizes and can convert to anklets or necklaces. They are made with the best quality materials—glass beads and sterling silver clasps.

Boyce’s motto, these days, is “wear it for you and ‘bee’ you.” She recognizes that people are wearing jewelry for themselves, and only themselves. The wrap bracelets are a good reminder that self-care is important because,  according to her, dreaming of the next destination or reminiscing about the last, be it a beautiful beach, a snow-capped mountain, or a shining cityscape, is the best self-care there is while stuck at home under the waves of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit HARTLEYBEE’s website to order your own handmade bracelet, wrap, or anklet. Follow HARTLEYBEE on Instagram @HARTLEYBEE.