Trendy Coats To Consider Buying This Winter

Photo credit: H&M via twitter

It’s hard to express your style and individuality when winter hits hard. Don’t let the cold put a damper on your style, and instead express it through your coat this season!

Here are trendy coats to consider buying this winter:


Shearling coats are at the top of the trend list this season. A warm, fuzzy shearling coat  is definitely a top pick in combining fashion and warmth. The variety of color offers some individuality and lets you express your own taste. I personally own a shearling robe and it is one of my favourite items. It keeps me warm in the frosty mornings, and allows me to live in my apartment without the heat on. Pastels like cotton candy pink are my favourite colors in this style. Red can take this coat from cute to bold instantly.


Patent coats, known for their sheen have been taking the stage this season. Whether it’s a direct nod to the Matrix or not, these coats reflect a sci-fi mood. They can make any outfit stand out. Either they will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the spotlight, or make you feel like an undercover agent. The look of these coats changes dramatically based on color. Red screams starlet, where black screams business. These coats range from warm with down, or thin and require layering. If you have the funds to opt for the thinner coat, layering can play to a style advantage. No matter the style, patent coats tell a story. What would yours be?


These coats deserve an A+ in warmth. They can appear more sporty, as if you are prepping for a ski lodge. Puffer coats can come in a variety of patterns and colors leaving you with endless options. Longer puffer coats, especially in dark tones can give off a professional tone, meaning it’s the perfect coat to keep you warm while on the job. It’s really up to you how you wear it! Large and loose, or tight and slim, puffer coats will protect your most valuable assets from hypothermia.

Faux Fur

A statement coat indeed. Faux fur is a commitment, but if you’re willing, it can be glamorous. Faux fur is perfect for a night out and it doubles down on keeping you warm. When worn with black or white, this coat can extend your style to the next level. Faux fur can be carefully mixed with other fur accessories such as ear muffs, purses, and shoes to compliment each other. Fur has been a statement trend this winter, and only those daring enough to attempt it will reap the rewards.


Camo has undoubtedly made its way into urban fashion this season. Camo’s olive pattern allows you to find a coat that is warm and durable but also stylish. This style can be understated on those days where you simply want to get in and out of the house, or you can make it look funky with accessories. It’s ultimately versatile. If you usually go with black or gray and have no interest in flashy coats, opt for camo as a dynamic alternative.

Battle the cold in style this winter. No matter what your preference, there are plenty of styles of coat to suit your needs. Consider color, fit, material, and layering to find the right coat for you. I hope you all stay warm while looking hot this coming season!