Trump vs Clinton: Where to Watch the Election Throw-down in O-town!

No matter what side you stand on, Republican or Democrat, Trump or Clinton, the bulk of us Canucks can at least stand in solidarity with the U.S. on one thing when it comes to tomorrow’s election: we’re happy it will be over.

The Nasty Woman/Bad Hombre pairing was a popular Halloween costume this year. Just another offshoot of the comedy this election brought out in the populace.

With a report released today by The American Psychological Association, it’s clear that, Stateside, Americans are feeling the weight of a rough campaign that has often been compared to a reality show, one you have to tune in to next week to see the next twist or unbelievable turn. Then it’s been called all out grudge match best set in the confines of a WWE steel cage. It isn’t hard to see why, with such descriptions, 52 per cent of Americans are dealing with stress caused by this election. This isn’t such a new statistic when you consider that 60 per cent were ready to throw the towel in back in July.

Well, the time has come. Thankfully all stories, races and wars move towards their ends and tomorrow we reach the climax of an election that has had the world watching. Though you could stay in and see the results roll in on CBC or online, some venues in town are banking on Ottawans wanting to watch this battle culminate together. Be you a “Bad Hombre” or a “Nasty Woman”, here are some spots to watch it all unfold:

12196058_10153711736559660_5061660899641627158_nD’Arcy McGee’s (44 Sparks St.)

They are calling it The Final Showdown! You’d think it was a boxing match or UFC up on the big screens, but Carleton U Journalism students will be hosting the election night with some fun and games. Election night Bingo? Well, why not!?

14925379_1326627084015203_5632804259277525495_nRed Lion Pub
(47 Clarence St.)

The Canadian International Council is throwing a P@P US Election Viewing Party. The pub will be screening live news coverage and have commentary from various local sources. Showcase your trivia knowledge for a chance at some prizes and drinks. Cover includes a pint of craft beer though, depending how long the night goes, you might need a few.

14192729_1468284773185535_5007571486780766344_nThe Heart and Crown (67 Clarence St.)
It’s being called Ottawa’s biggest election night party. Ok, this party is a little one-sided but if you’re a fan of Clinton then this is the place you want to be. The Democrats Abroad Ottawa Chapter is throwing the shindig.

The Lieutenant’s Pump (361 Elgin St.)
Join the Ottawa Centre Conservative Association on this historical night. 

Chateau Laurier (1 Rideau St.)
This may be as close to watching the election Stateside as you can get without crossing the border. This event is hosted by the U.S. Embassy and American Chamber of Commerce in Canada. It’s invitation only, though.

12633566_10153937697673552_3667634204171481641_oEarl of Sussex (431 Sussex Drive)
UofO Conservatives will be flocking to the EofS. As they say: “Whoever wins, it will be a night of excitement and anticipation as the polls close and ballots are counted.”

14925266_362550604080145_6523391257595280874_nMulligan’s Golf Bar (201 Queen St.)
Down a Nasty Woman, Mexican Fruit Stand or a Feel the Bern-ie (they’re election themed cocktails, folks!) and snag yourself a $4 taco while watching the results.

Real Sports Bar and Grill (90 George St.)
Normally reserved for sports fans, the bar and the Government Relations Institute of Canada (joined by Equal Voice National Capital Region) will be throwing a gathering expected to bring in over 300.

Union 613 (315 Somerset St. West)
Join in the comedy! For $35, tip included, you get two food stations a canapes.