• By: Keith Whittier

Try Orange Grove’s 14-Day Skin Care Challenge

Are you in need of a spa day but don’t have time to make the trip? Orange Grove is bringing the spa to you with two weeks of easy tips and tricks! You’ll learn about everything from beauty to building flexibility with this online event.

Starting on June 22, Orange Grove’s 14-day skin care challenge will IMG_0685bring you experts in the fields of skin care, nutrition, exercise, massage and makeup with DIY simple, fun and easy information, activities and videos to give you radiant skin.

“The journey to healthy, glowing skin is what we put on the end of our fork, and enhanced by what we put on the tips of our fingers!”

You can follow along or just watch and learn. Either way, it’s a great way treat your skin over the summer months.

It’s the perfect time to work on that healthy, summer glow!

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