Twas the Night Before Deadline!

decal24Welcome to Day 24 of our
25 Day Ottawa Life
Christmas Calendar

We’ll be updating with a
new treat daily so be sure
to keep checking under the
OLM Tree to see what’s new.



Twas the night before deadline and all through the room
The office was filling with Christmas time doom
The cover’s not ready, the articles gone
And it was all needed by the first crack of dawn

The writers were frantic, their keyboards a’clacking
Racing to fill the large void we were lacking
And Dan at his desk looking worried and glum
“A miracle’s needed,” he said pouring some rum

When outside the window came such a sound
Not the usual construction found through this town
We wondered whatever could cause such a racket
“Let’s check this out,” Dan said as he reached for his jacket

We scurried and rushed up the stairs with wide eyes
Knowing to leave all this work was unwise
But curious we were as all journalists are
And what waited outside was truly bizarre

There in the snow stood a man dressed in red
From the suit on his back to the cap on his head
Within his gloved hand he held out a file
He proceeded to great us behind a warm smile

“Hi Karen! Yo Andre, Myka and Mel!
Greetings Justina, Maria, Alex and Isabel.
Howdy Dave, Jen, Denis, Carlos and Ali,
Neil, Emily, Mahigan, Kat, Don and Danny!”

The jolly man laughed as we puzzled before him
With Isabel wishing she were home playing Skyrim
“Don’t fret,” said the stranger. “I bring you good news!
A cover shot ready and these stories to choose.

Back where I’m from we read you with glee.
The elves share your write ups, the wife skims over tea!”
He handed Dan the files, which the boss snatched right quick
“What do you want for this? Is this a trick?”

The man dressed in red only laughed in the snow
“Ease up, Dan-o,” he chuckled. “I’m not after your dough.”
He gently pushed passed us and walked down the stairs
“Will all of you join me for what I have to share?”

With that the odd man sat down in Dan’s chair
He flicked on a computer to reveal what was there
We all leaned in closer, silent and still
The fireplace warding off the brisk winter chill

“We do so love reading of music and sports
And the Pet of the Week and Sens hockey reports.
Your theatre reviews are top notch, by far
And Neil keeps convincing me to buy a new car!

I found where to go where the picks are the best!
Alex has shown us all how we should dress.
We read up on travel when we find time to roam
But, my friends, I thought you could use a new home.”

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work
A tasty cider was made by our own Myka Burke
Finished, he stood to show us what he’d done
A new website was there in place of our old one

Before we could thank him, the stranger was gone
Only hoof prints remained outside on the lawn
Dan looked at us all, smiled, and held close his wife
“Just seven more days to our new Ottawa Life.”