Uncovering the pros and cons of placing bets with offshore bookies

Pros and Cons of Betting with an Overseas Bookie

You may be wondering why there are so many sportsbooks from overseas advertising their services in Canada, the U.S. and beyond, well the simple answer to that question is of course they are eager to get sports bettors to sign up to their betting sites and their betting apps, and bet with them.

There are in fact, several pros and cons of making use of an offshore bookie as they are known, and it will be those pros and cons that I will be taking a much closer look at in the following guide.

Just be aware though, that as the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold, and as such whilst some sportsbooks that are located offshore may seem generous by way of their betting lines, odds and betting offers, a closer inspection of the terms associated with them will reveal they may not be as generous as they first appeared.

What Makes Betting Bonuses True Valued?

There will of course be so many different betting offers and deals available to you on all major sporting events from different sportsbooks, it can be difficult to make sense of just which ones offer you the best value.

Things that you do need to look out for when it comes to any sports betting bonuses however include whether the terms and conditions associated with any you spot have a maximum payout limits imposed upon them.

If you do claim for example a match type betting bonus and there is a payout limit attached to your bonus credits then any winnings you are lucky enough to achieve, over and above the limit are cancelled out, and you will never receive them.

One decent betting offer that you may come across are consolation bonuses, and those can turn a losing bet into a risk free one on which your stake is returned to you if your bet loses but something predicted by the bookie happens during the sporting event you have bet on, so do be on the lookout for those types of offers.

Be Wary of High Cost Sportsbook Payment Options

I would also like to draw to your attention the obvious fact that when you do set about gambling online, you are going to have to find a way to send funds to a betting site and a way for those sites to pay you out any and all winnings too.

There are some low and high cost payment options that will be made available to you, and as such the onus is on you to select a payment option that will not see you being forced to have to pay any additional fees and charges.

For anyone that has experienced problems depositing funds into an online or for that matter mobile betting site or app using a debit or credit card, one popular option that many U.S. sport bettors are now using is one of the many different cryptocurrencies.

By using a digital currency as a payment method, they can quickly and securely deposit funds into their betting accounts and also get paid out their winnings in a completely hassle free type of way back to their digital wallets, so that is one option to keep in mind if you are wondering which one may suit you the best.

The Importance of Betting at Licensed Sportsbooks

The final thing that anybody who is considering signing up to any overseas bookies site should be on the lookout for at such sites, is a Gambling Commission issued license displayed somewhere upon their website.

Be aware that not all betting sites based overseas are going to be licensed, and you should avoid ever signing up to those sites.

Such a valid license is your way of ensuring the online and/or mobile sportsbooks you do sign up have been vetted and are going to be operating in line with the highest industry standards too, so always keep that in mind when looking for somewhere to place your bets and wagers either online or via your mobile device.