Up the Ante of your Summer Pedi

What happens when two successful Ottawa business women collaborate on a new product development journey? The answer will ‘leaf you bubbling’ for more! More pedicures that is.

OLM #1- Foot FizzesNatalie Esau, owner of The Upkeep Shoppe (TUS) on Preston Street, has recently paired up with Rebecca Pereira, mastermind behind Ottawa’s famous Purple Urchin. Together, they developed a custom pedicure service product made with all natural ingredients, exclusive to The Upkeep Shoppe. Aptly dubbed “Foot Fizzes,” these quick dissolving effervescent bombs incorporate the benefits of tea and offer a soothing sensation on tired, achy feet.

Purple Urchin specially formulated foot fizzes with muscle soothing Epsom salts, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils to combat foot odor and Camellia Sinensis oil (tea leaf oil) blended with olive oil to hydrate dry callused skin.

OLM #2- TeaTea is a big part of The Upkeep experience. Every appointment includes tea service from a seasonal selection of custom blended loose leaf teas, also available for purchase.

I had the pleasure of experiencing the Foot Fizz Pedicure at The Upkeep Shoppe, and I guarantee everyone will be hooked this summer! I really enjoyed the gentle tingle and soothing sensation of the foot fizzes, and the soft herbal scent it leaves behind. What I love most about The Upkeep Shoppe is the talented and sweet staff, the collegial chatter between clients and the toxic-free product selection used for all services. Treat your feet to a little Foot Fizzes bath and get your summer polish on!