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Up the Ante: Styled and Sold in 5 Days

Is your home currently on the market or are you considering listing your home?

Since market value is ultimately determined by the price a consumer is willing to spend for a particular product in given market conditions, when it comes to selling your property, it can be very challenging separating the ‘sentimental value’ from the ‘market value’. Your home is personal and has many cherished memories that make it unique to you! A real-estate agent can help you determine the market value and a property stylist can help you highlight the features that will appeal to a larger audience and increase your sales potential.

Before your property goes to market, there are several considerations you should make when preparing to sell your home:

1. Knowing Your Sales Strategy
Will you list with an agent or try to sell on your own?
If you list with an agent, how will you choose the right one?
If you list on your own, what is your strategy?

2. Knowing Your Market
Who is your target market?
Is your home visually appealing to the majority of your market?
Does the description of your property listing connect with potential buyers?

3. Knowing Your Limits
What is the Market Value in your area?
What is your preferred asking price?
If applicable, how will you bridge the gap?

A carefully crafted project plan with definitive timelines, appropriate resources and clear expectations is the recipe for success in every business transaction.  So, when you are about to embark upon your likely largest personal business transaction, doesn’t it make sense to invest as much time as possible into the preparation?

Check out this property…styled and sold in 5 days!!

As a property stylist in a real estate transaction, it is important to remember two key principles: Appealing to a wide audience and maximizing return on investment.

With these principles in mind, we set out to modernize this dated town home on a minimal budget.

196224_10150175927680126_1462876_n In a complete renovation, the bathroom and the kitchen are by far the most expensive to renovate. In these areas we kept our changes to a minimum but selected timeless, versatile finishings.  In the main bath, the dated vinyl tile was replaced with ceramic tile. We also replaced the sink and faucet and tiled the countertop. The antiquated wooden cabinet was given new life with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. Finally, we added crown moulding and a glass paneled door to complete the look.  In the rec room, the drop ceiling was replaced with a coffered ceiling and pot lighting, freshly painted and styled with existing furnishings.  Laminate flooring was installed throughout the ground and main floor, replacing the dated original carpeting. The living room was repainted, crown moulding was installed, the fireplace mantle was embellished and the ceramic hearth replaced.  The carpet was replaced in the master bedroom, the walls were painted and the large sliding closet doors were embellished with textured wallpaper and a thin wooden trim.

Renovation budget:  >$5000.00
Days on the market:  5

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