• By: OLM Staff

Update your look with new eyewear from Bar à lunettes

Optician, designer and entrepreneur, Marie-Sophie Dion founded Bar à lunettes in Sherbrooke back in 1992. Now with locations in Montreal, Laval, Saint-Lambert and Sherbrooke, the company sets itself apart through its personalized service, careful and detailed frame selection process and highly experienced opticians.

“Our customers want personalized, accurate advice, on a human scale. No tool or app will ever be able to replace that. They need guidance on which frame styles fit them best.” This is precisely what has inspired Dion and her team to offer personalized video-based styling services, along with a user-friendly platform that allows you to try on frames virtually.

Given the current pandemic, several people may have urgent needs to renew their glasses or contact lenses. The Bar à lunettes opticians and optometrists remain available for such requests.

“We bring this same level of quality to our online services. Many customers own several of our frames, from conventional designs to more spectacular specs,” she adds. Prices range from $300 to $750.

How does the personalized consultation and virtual try-on work for customers?

The concept is quite simple and user-friendly: schedule an appointment for a 30-minute one-on-one video-based personalized styling consultation. “Our consultants are onsite and eager to make suggestions from our wide array of options and collections. This gives customers the extra versatility they need when shopping for eyewear.”

Focused on providing a pleasant all-around customer experience, Bar à lunettes' consultants can virtualy measure facial features and customers can try on different frames for a virtual preview of how they look. The consultation costs $50 but is deducted from your purchase. “Building on 28-years of experience, our biggest strength is our expertise in finding the perfect frames in terms of look and feel. Our way of approaching online sales is evolving and unique, just like everything else we do here at Bar à lunettes, “points out Dion.

When customers visit the Bar à lunettes website, they are invited to activate the virtual try-on platform using their webcam. Frames instantly position themselves on the customer’s face while following any head movements. The next step is to schedule a consultation with an expert.

As warm weather sets in and people start stepping out of their homes again, it’s time to pull out our sunglasses. “The demand for adjusted lenses is constantly growing,” acknowledges Dion. “For many, spring — especially this year — is the perfect time to treat yourself, to make a change by improving your look.”

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