• By: OLM Staff

Van Houtte® Colombia Signature Fairtrade coffee

Price: 312g Whole Bean bag – $11.99  Available at:  vanhoutte.com and at participating retailers

Dark Roast

This dark coffee has an enveloping body, pronounced chocolatey notes, with subtle fruit tones and a vibrant and lingering acidity. Simply unique! Fairtrade has never tasted this good.

Van Houtte® Signature Colombian Fairtrade whole bean coffee is produced throughout the country, including by farmers of the Coocentral Fairtrade cooperative, located in the region of Huila. They are committed to producing quality coffee and improving the lives of more than 3,200 members who receive services such as farming training, farm inputs and loans. They are also eligible for social welfare programs and scholarships.

Van Houtte® is proud to partner with Colombian farmers, like the members of Coocentral cooperative, to bring you this distinct coffee.