• By: OLM Staff

Van Houtte® Honduras Signature Fairtrade coffee

Price: Box of 24 pods: $19.99 or 340g Whole Bean bag: $11.99 Available at: vanhoutte.com and at participating retailers

Medium roast

Exclusive to Van Houtte®, the Honduras San Luis Planes coffee offers delightfully sweet hints of caramel, toasted bread and strong earthy notes, but mostly, a generous taste of pride!

Since 2001, Van Houtte® has partnered with coffee producers from San Luis Planes to bring you delicious coffee and improve the lives of the farmers producing it.

By supporting the community to form the Montaña Verde cooperative and obtaining their Fairtrade certification, Van Houtte® helped increase food security for hundreds of families in the community, as well as the financial management of the cooperative.

With the support from Van Houtte®, the Montaña Verde cooperative have become a stronger organization with the ability to take concrete steps in improving productivity, protecting the environment and developing projects that benefit the livelihoods of their entire community.