Venture into the Mind of Experts with OSFAS

With our busy day-to-day lives, it’s not too often we get the chance to sit back and engage in something new.

If you have a passion for arts and sciences, here’s your chance to discover new information at the upcoming presentations from the Ottawa Society for the Arts and Sciences (OSFAS).

OSFAS is an organization that works with professionals in the arts and sciences, such as writers, scientists, artists, and community leaders. In a community with so many cultural institutions, OSFAS was created to allow people who work in these fields to connect and share information.

Throughout April and May, OSFAS will give two lectures to revive a child-like curiosity from within, leaving you pondering about new material and theories throughout the entire summer!

Here’s what you need to know:

Beavers:  The Most Powerful Animals in the World

Thursday, April 23 at 7 p.m.

Micheal Runtz is an internationally known naturalist, nature photographer, award-winning instructor with the Department of Biology at Carleton University, and author.

In his vividly graphic presentation, Runtz will sway you with his findings, proving that despite popular belief, beavers are no pests.

Following the presentation, participants are welcome to stop at the Indigo Hotel just across the street for a casual reception equipped with a cash bar with wine and beer.

If you end the night feeling like you need to know more, Runtz’s eleventh book, Dam Builders: the natural history of beavers and their ponds, includes an overview that expands on beavers' lives and habitats. The book also includes about 400 rare photographs.

Being Modern:  What the Enlightenment Can Still Teach Us            

Wednesday, May 27 at 7 p.m.

Professor Douglas Moggach, named Distinguished University Professor at the University of Ottawa in 2011, has held the University Research Chair in Political Thought and graduated from Princeton University with a doctorate, which will guide you on your first step to a journey of Enlightenment.

This internationally renowned political philosopher insists the 18th century Enlightenment was the ultimate turn of the tide. In his presentation, Moggach will critically explain this, elaborating that The Enlightenment is far from over.

Both events will be in the auditorium of the Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library.

Bring along friends to share the experience and talk about your discoveries!