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Victorian Vogue — Ceiling Drama

The ornate features of the Victoria Era included decorative elements of design such as intricate mouldings and plasterwork that would fabulously adorn the ceilings of interior spaces. However, in the late 1800s, tin ceilings were introduced as an affordable alternative. During this period, thin rolls of tin were being individually stamped by forcefully pressing the metal between a cast iron mould and a heavy press plate that was dropped from above onto the tin, permanently embossing the patterns into the tin.


These tin plates were then masked with white paint to give the illusion of ‘hand-carved or moulded plaster’and incorporated into foyers, formal living spaces and commercially in many businesses


As technology evolves, so do our decorative options in an effort to provide consumers with a cost effective alternative to the tin ceiling. Manufactures now create a lightweight, easy to install PVC option to provide you with this amazing Victorian look. Check out how this vintage enthusiast created her very own DesignerDIY look using exactly that!

Rhiana and her husband have transformed the amazing space at Glitter Box Studio, located in the heart of Little Italy, into an elegant victorian oasis by adorning the stipple ceilings with beautiful coverings. Add some interior wow to your entrance way or living space! Available here.


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