Virtual summer theatre programming for kids

Unfortunately, all theatres are closed for the time being and I can only imagine what that is doing to their revenue.  

While stages are quiet and seats empty, the show must go on. Some organizations have created online programming that is phenomenal. Some have a cost, others are free but in all cases, theatres are finding creative ways to reach their audiences. Here are a few:

Shakespeare’s Globe in London, UK has a wealth of resources available for kids.

Learn about what London was like back in the early days of theatre and what going to the theatre was all about. It wasn’t all hush hush with curtains in the dark. Quite the opposite in fact. Find out how the Box Office got its name and other fun trivia.

If you haven’t had enough Shakespeare there is a summer camp being offered by the Ottawa School of Theatre

There are other virtual summer camps being offered as well.

Ottawa Children’s Theatre also has some online classes but the cost is a lot more than other options.

If watching musicals grabs your kid, has a plethora of them available.  It is a subscription but offers a week of free previews.

The Stratford Festival has some cool online programming. Most of it is geared towards adults but they have dance workshops that are fee-based but not prohibitively so that could be fun. The next one is on July 22nd.

For older kids there is which has some cool stuff such as interviews with actors and directors.

Shaw Festival has a virtual theatre camp in August. for a small fee. is just brimming with options.

Keep those little brains activated over the summer!