• By: Anne Dion

Voguemobile — Ottawa’s Fashion Truck

Hold on to your hats Ottawa, because street style is being redefined, and it has wheels!

Voguemobile is our city’s first mobile fashion boutique. The fashion truck rolled into O-Town neighbourhoods this month, selling unique designer clothes in a new and convenient delivery system. Follow Voguemobile online to stay up to date on where they’ll be next, or book an appointment for a private perusal and the truck will come to you!


The truck itself looks like it’s been on an episode of a classier Pimp My Ride. Decked out with all the features of a traditional boutique (complete with change room, LED lighting and flooring, and a counter wrap), you’d never know the Voguemobile was once a Purolator step van.

We talked to Voguemobile’s creator, local entrepreneur Lainie Towell, who enjoys the freedom and creativity afforded by the movable-store business model. We asked her to describe the boutique’s particular style:

“‘Elegant and Edgy.’ We specialize in independent designers and small batch lines and our stock is always changing,” she says. “One woman this past weekend told me that she usually dislikes shopping…but that the Voguemobile was really cool. It is an experience.”

As if the funky truck could get any more charming, Lainie Towell described the Voguemobile experience to us by referring to one of her company’s core values: “Voguemobile travels the freeway. To free yourself is to be yourself.”

Lainie Towell told us about what it’s like to run a fashion truck:

“Setting up shop in different neighbourhoods and participating in various events is exciting because everyday is a new situation with new people and, of course, new challenges.”

Once she decided to go mobile with her boutique, Towell says the business-building process was “pretty fast and extremely creative”. After sourcing clothing designers and getting used to driving a massive vehicle, she faced the challenge of understanding and ensuring her business model respected the current city Bylaws.


“We are not a food truck, but there is no category for fashion trucks at the moment in Ottawa. We are however, able to park in privately owned retail zoned lots. Consequently, Voguemobile has created some great partnerships with local businesses and currently parks on Fridays at Kundstadt Sports in the Glebe, Saturdays at The Tea Party Café on York Street and Sundays at Ed's Auto on Wellington West.”

Ottawa is sure to love the stylish pieces on board the Voguemobile and Towell is definitely filling a niche. But what makes the truck extra lovable is its attitude.

“I think it is important to try new things and to take risks in life and in fashion because creativity is our greatest asset," Towell says. "For that reason, Voguemobile believes that you should not wait for special occasions to dress up… after all, life is a short ride.”

You can view the Voguemobile’s entire collection online, and track the fashion truck’s whereabouts on their events calendar at voguemobile.com. Alternatively, you can book the truck for a private event.