Wahi’s Ultimate Home-Hunting App is Now Couples-Friendly

In 2022, Wahi Realty Inc. launched a real estate marketing platform, the first in Canada to harness data science and AI to sell houses. Since then, the company has won the 2023 Canadian Business Award for Best Canadian Real Estate Innovator of the Year, been named one of the Top 25 Most Innovative Companies of 2024, and is continuing with its mission to help Canadians make better real estate decisions.

Wahi harnesses the power of data and makes it available in a highly usable interface to give potential homebuyers as much information as possible. CEO Benjy Katchen comes from a background in digital finance, creating and running digital banking brands, so he knows a thing or two about data and the power of algorithms.

Katchen describes the Wahi App as a “realistic copilot” to help consumers better navigate the real estate market. He points out that, unlike other industries, real estate has been slow to embrace technology but says Wahi is working to change that.

“Consumers today have digital services they use in their day-to-day lives — whether that’s streaming a movie, booking a ride, or planning travel,” adds Katchen. “Our goal as a leading digital real estate company is to bring that same amazing digital experience to Canadians so they feel like they have a real estate copilot in the palm of their hands.”

The Wahi app stands out with its unique features. It goes beyond real estate listings, offering a range of high-value tools like the Home Value Estimator*, which Katchen says is “the most accurate instant estimate in the market.” The tool is constantly tested and retested to ensure accuracy.

The Find the Right Realtor feature is an AI-generated realtor match that takes the guesswork out of finding a realtor. You no longer have to rely on the recommendations of friends and family to be matched with the best real estate broker.

One of the app’s notable features is the school ranking tool, developed in collaboration with the reputable Fraser Institute. This tool allows homebuyers to map school districts and customise their search based on a chosen school. Customised searches within the app are not limited to schools. Geo boundaries can be created using various criteria, such as language, age, livability, and green spaces.

Another tool allows couples to streamline communications to help find homes they both agree on. Couples can keep track of each other’s favourite listings and receive recommendations as co-buyers — all in one convenient place.

Through the enhanced app, couples can also schedule house tours together, keep track of showings, chat with each other and their Wahi REALTOR®, and receive alerts about properties or when a showing is booked.

Katchen explains that “a significant number of homebuyers—77 percent—purchase a home with a partner, often as a couple. The ability to browse homes collaboratively and communicate instantly about the homes you like is a game changer.”

Wahi’s app is the ultimate home-hunting solution. Katchen explains, “It eliminates the need to keep track of multiple emails and texts about property listings. Plus, it saves time by providing personalised recommendations based on shared interests, finding common ground while still respecting individual preferences.”

Coming soon to the Ottawa market is Wahi’s innovative MyBuy feature that allows the Wahi platform to act as the listing agent. The feature is currently offered in Toronto, where in return for completing a home purchase virtually, buyers are offered 1 percent cashback on the price of the home after closing. Digital homebuying is mainstream in the U.S., with 2023 virtual sales making up 28 percent of home sales. Savings offered by Wahi’s MyBuy cashback will undoubtedly drive growth in Canada’s virtual real estate market.

Visit wahi.com to learn more about Wahi’s digital real estate platform, services, and tools, including the new couples and MyBuy features.

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the Wahi app.

*Available in Ontario and Nova Scotia. Coming soon to the rest of Canada.