Wanderlust: A Breath Of Fresh Air

Photo courtesy of Stephen McVeigh

When we are in the midst of sweet summertime, who can bear to stay inside all day? At Wanderlust Mont-Tremblant, there will be no shortage of time spent outdoors! From the outdoor yoga classes to the sunrise and sunset hikes, you’ll be soaking up the vitamin D all day long.

Photo courtesy of Ali Kaukas

After all the physical activity, what could be better than getting pampered at the spa? I’ll raise you one—a day at the spa while working on your tan! Wanderlust Mont-Tremblant is offering attendees major discounts on services at the luxurious Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant. This spectacular outdoor spa, nestled on the shores of the Devil’s River in the Laurentian forest, provides the ultimate hydrotherapy and massage experience in the heart of nature. That sounds simply to-die-for! Guests at Wanderlust Mont-Tremblant can look forward to 15 per cent off the Scandinavian baths experience and 10 per cent off massage & baths packages. If that’s not a good reason to get outside, I don’t know what is!

Spending all of that time out in nature, away from the responsibilities of everyday life, nourishes and revitalizes the mind, body and soul—exactly what Wanderlust hopes for guests to experience.

Whether you are debating taking the plunge into Wanderlust or getting outside for that lunch-break walk, here are four reasons why we should all aim to spend more time outdoors:

1. Vitamin D plays an important role in bone health. Spending a few minutes in the sunshine every day can prevent age-related bone fractures and joint pain that, unfortunately, are often a by-product of poor bone health.

Photo courtesy of Abbey Ley

2. Spending time outdoors can improve memory and concentration. Studies suggest children with ADHD have improved focus after spending time outdoors. It might be a stretch to assume this applies to adults, but if you have trouble concentrating at school or work, give 20 minutes of outdoor activity a try.

3. It can help you get in those zzz’s! We all know how important it is for our health to get in those eight hours of sleep (or at least six, in my book), and in conjunction, we all know how frustrating it can be lying in bed unable to drift off. Making an effort to get some fresh air can make a huge impact on those nights of restlessness. We weren’t meant to sit indoors all day — in order to sleep peacefully we have to get outside and use up some energy!

4. Natural environments are natural mood boosters. Studies suggest that natural, green settings can reduce stress, improve moods, reduce feelings of aggression and increase overall happiness. So before you send off that passive-aggressive text message or get out the carton of ice cream and settle down for a sulking sesh, go for a stroll outside and then see how you feel!

Let’s face it, we can all benefit from a little more time spent outside and away from our computer screens. As we all know, those cold, grey winter days will be rolling in before we know it, so let’s get out there and enjoy the warm breeze and fresh air while we still can.

Do you spend enough time outdoors? Or, have you noticed an improvement since spending more time outdoors? Let us know!

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Good luck, Ottawa Lifers!