• By: Marie Waine

Wanderlust: A Vacation for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Photos courtesy of Ali Kaukas.

The countdown is on to the mini-vacation of a lifetime. Join Wanderlust, producer of the largest yoga lifestyle events in the world, as they head to Mont-Tremblant from August 21-24.

That’s right! Yoga and mountain views. It all sounds so serene! Wanderlust is about gathering mindful adventurers and gaining inspiration from what nature has to offer.

Atop a stunning mountain resort, the five-day festival will have you practicing yoga from renowned instructors. Choose your own schedule from a variety of classes that take place on land and water. Warrior your way to a place of relaxation with this one-of-a-kind experience!

wanderlust-yoga3But it doesn’t stop there! Yoga is only one of Wanderlust’s many lifestyle activities. Over the course of the five days you will have the opportunity to listen to live music, partake in inspiring lectures and explore the outdoors through hiking, paddle-boarding and biking.

Of course in order to keep your energy up throughout the festival, Wanderlust offers a variety of delicious food options. Fuel your mind, body and spirit with a farm to table dinner event, wine tasting on a boat cruise or dinner at the resort in Tremblant.

“After all the sun salutations, excursions, dance parties and just the overall physicality found at our festivals—the dining experience serves as the perfect social gathering to rejuvenate both body and soul,” said Wanderlust co-founder Jeff Krasno. “It’s an opportunity for us to express gratitude, enjoy local cuisine and savour each other’s company, mindfully.”

wanderlust-yoga5After a day of nourishing your spirit and stomach, you can look forward to a sleep under the stars. Lodging at Wanderlust can include camping at a nearby park. A free shuttle will come to pick you up the next morning to take you to the festival grounds. For those who want a big, comfy bed, head to one of the many accommodations at the Tremblant resort.

With so many options and endless activities, the Wanderlust Festival is sure to revive and rejuvenate your senses!

Want to go? You can buy single day tickets or full festival passes here.

Stay tuned for a lot more information leading up to the event Ottawa Lifers!