Wanderlust: Keeping It Green

Photo Courtesy of Ali Kaukas

An important part of Wanderlust’s mission is to practice environmental stewardship.

Being a good steward of the earth goes hand-in-hand with the mindful, grounding practice of yoga.

That is why Wanderlust festivals are committed to numerous sustainability initiatives, including waste reduction, recycling, composting, the utilization of renewable energy sources and carbon offsetting.

It is incredibly easy for huge events like this to be a burden on our environment, but Wanderlust makes efforts to ensure that instead of draining the earth’s resources, the presence of Wanderlust festivals serve the environment and respect its natural beauty.

Photo Courtesy of Abbey Ley

Wanderlust’s innovative approach to landfill waste, recycling and biodegradable materials minimizes waste at the festivals.  They encourage festival attendees to “put waste in its place” in order to avoid contamination. To do this, they provide educational waste stations and greening volunteers to communicate their proper usage and function.

They also partner with local haulers, recyclers and compost facilities to ensure the proper handling of waste.

One of the great things to look forward to at Wanderlust Mont-Tremblant is the food! You can feel great about the delicious offerings at Wanderlust because the festival is committed to providing guests with organic, sustainably grown products purchased from local vendors and directly from farmers whenever possible.

Not only does this incredibly fresh food taste amazing and nourish your body with nutrients, it is also much more environmentally-friendly than your average restaurant!

Some of the main reasons why Wanderlust supports local, organic farmers are food security, land stewardship, the benefits of open spaces and increased nutritional value.

The on-site farmer’s market at the festival features primarily locally-grown foods, and when local food is not available, purchasing organic, sustainably farmed foods remains their top priority.

Photo Courtesy of Ali Kaukas

Also important are the products that Wanderlust vendors purchase for use at the festivals, like utensils, cups, plates and other food-service ware. Products made of styrofoam and non-recyclable plastics have been banned at the events. This supports their recycling initiative to avoid contamination.

In addition, water filling stations placed throughout the festival will reduce the need for bottled water. Wanderlust’s commitment to food sustainability is shared not solely by festival organizers, but also by the vendors who participate in the environmental program.

Attending Wanderlust is a decision you can feel great about. Aside from the fantastic performances and adventures in yoga practice, you’ll be supporting the environmental causes that are calling for desperate attention.

Wanderlust is keeping it green and you can too by implementing these environmentally-friendly practices into your everyday life as best you can, and, of course, by attending Wanderlust Mont-Tremblant!

How do you stay environmentally friendly? Let us know!

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