• By: Marie Waine

Wardrobe Woes: What Will I Wear Today?

It happens to me almost every day–whether I have to be out the door in five or 50 minutes. You can find me in front of my closet, starring at the assortment of skirts, shirts, tees and jeans that only seem to be starring right back. Nothing jumps out, nothing looks right and oops, now I am late.

Enter Ashley Martini, styling consultant, founding member of Martini Fashions and author of the new book Styletini.  If anyone can help me get rid of my wardrobe woes, it is Martini!Headshot

Martini knows picking out the perfect outfit can be challenging. She identifies the main issue as people wanting to be confident yet comfortable and professional but not overly formal. She notes the tendency is to have a favourite outfit or two, and wear them all the time.

Well Martini hits the nail on the head for me. My white t-shirts and black studded flats are starting to fall apart! The problem is I still love them just as much now as the day I bought them. The reason? They make me feel great!

“I think everyone has that terrible feeling of insecurity from time to time when you just know you have on the wrong outfit–as if it’s not just your clothes that are frumpy and outdated, but you, too,” says Martini. Styletini focuses on getting us out of a style rut and into a closet full of clothes that work and make us feel like superstars. She says we can have it all when it comes to fashion.

“One of the first things you should understand is that your criteria really isn’t conflicting–you can be stylish, professional and comfortable, all with that stamp of individuality,” Martini says. “You just have to know what to look for.”

Her top three tips to building that oh so perfect wardrobe?

1. Not all trends work for all body types.

“You have to be honest with yourself; skinny jeans may not work for you, and forcing yourself into a pair that’s semi-workable is not the best way to optimize your closet,” she says. “The trendiest thing any individual can do is answer the question: Is it flattering?”

2. Know your measurements.

Martini says to measure the parts of your body that most define your shape: shoulders, bust, waist, hips and derrière. Your clothing will not be pulling or gapping at inappropriate time (like that job interview, eek!) if you take the time to know your best fit.

3. Own your body.

No matter what your shape or size, Martini says you have to flaunt what you have got. Plus-sized women should opt to highlight their assets, such as shapely legs or well-toned arms. Petite women should be on the lookout for shorter lengths and hemlines. Tall women should embrace their height and don a pair of heels.

Styletini is about boosting confidence and making mornings easier—shake up your style confidence!