Weber’s Best Barbecue Side Dishes

If you love to grill, you probably have a favourite dish you love to cook up—be it ribs, burgers, or chicken wings. But why not give some love to the side dishes? There are all kinds of ways to create a well-balanced meal on the grill: just add veggies!

We’ve prepared some fun and quick ideas for the next time you’re stuck for side dishes. Since preparing veggies on the grill means cooking with a lot of direct heat, you can grill your veggies alongside your main dishes.

Corn on the cob is a lot of delicious, messy fun–and if you grill it right, you’re bound to impress your guests. You can grill corn while it’s still in the husk or you can cook it in aluminum foil–however you choose, prepare and season accordingly. Fire up the grill and place your prepared ears of corn on the grates. Corn should be grilled over direct medium heat for about 12-15 minutes or until the corn is browned and tender.

Grilled carrots are another treat to stick next to your meaty main dish. Boil the carrots for four to six minutes before you plan to grill them; they should be partially cooked, but still crisp. Grill the carrots over direct high heat for three to five minutes or until lightly charred with spots and stripes.

Asparagus and tomato salad is another easy-to-prepare side dish for the grill. Drizzle vinaigrette of your liking onto the asparagus before grilling and toss the vinaigrette in with the tomatoes too. Grill veggies in a grill pan, or vegetable basket, over direct medium heat. The asparagus should cook for six to eight minutes while the tomatoes should cook for two to four minutes.


Grill side dishes easily with Weber’s stainless steel vegetable basket. Preheat the pan before adding your chopped vegetables. You can cook them right alongside your main dish with this handy accessory.

Next time you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, add some healthy choices to the meal with these savoury side dishes!