• By: OLM Staff

Weight loss and wellness with WW’s new PersonalPoints program

What’s in your head is just as important as what’s on your plate when it comes to reaching any goal – including wellness goals.

Just ask Jake Mossop, a WW D360 Coach and Registered Nurse working at one of Toronto’s acute care hospitals. Through his work, he offers a unique perspective on weight loss and wellness and has seen firsthand how each small step we take to improve our health amounts to incredible changes over time.

From an early age, Jake struggled with his identity and body image and relied on food as a coping mechanism. Today, Jake is extremely proud of who he is, what he represents, and the relationship he is continuously developing with food.

WW's D360 feature builds on their award-winning app that helps people eat well, move more, and lose weight. It features added support from experts coaches, exclusive access to on-demand cooking demos, nutrition classes, fun workouts, and more.

“As a D360 Coach, I’m able to encourage and motivate my community of WW members (Team Jake!) through team page posts and CoachLIVEs in the WW app – it’s a super supportive community and a great way to stay on track with your health and fitness goals,” says Mossop.

Diet and exercise aren’t the only factors contributing to your overall physical and mental health and wellness. Your mindset, behaviours, and choices also play a role.

WW’s new PersonalPoints Program offers the most personalized approach to wellness in the company’s history. No two-member plans are alike. Custom-built for each member, the most advanced food algorithm to date, and the ability to earn PersonalPoints for healthy behaviours.

The new personalized approach to health is designed to help members learn and retain healthy patterns and create a positive mindset, so they are set up for success and equipped to make smart choices.

“I love WW’s new PersonalPoints program because it is truly individual and unique to your wellness journey. While other programs take a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness, WW knows that every body and every story is unique. I also love that I have my own customized list of ZeroPoint foods that won’t go toward my daily Points budget. That means I can enjoy avocado, eggs and more as much as I want. I think what makes this program unique is that it’s non-restrictive – no food is off limits,” says Mossop.

Driven by cutting-edge nutrition and behaviour change science as well as consumer research, the new program makes losing weight and reaching wellness goals more straightforward and more attainable.

Long-term weight loss success doesn’t happen with restrictive programs and crash diets; it comes from developing healthy habits and filling your tool belt so you can do it yourself.

Visit ww.ca to learn more about how you can achieve your weight loss and wellness goals.