What can you do with a basement? Consider these ideas!

Your basement is basically unused space right now. Other than housing some old furniture and artwork, it’s doing nothing for you or your family. Why not convert that wasted space into something that provide some benefit other than being a catch all? Here are some ideas to consider. One of them may prove to be the perfect option to finish a basement.

Organized Storage Instead of Chaos

One option is to seal the walls and floor and convert the basement into storage space with a purpose. Rather than dropping things down the stairs at random, make it easy to organize all sorts of things that you may need from time to time.

A combination of shelving and cabinetry will often do the trick. That will give you storage space that makes it easy to find the decorations for a holiday, look through artwork that you use on a seasonal basis, and to tuck away documents that you may need once in a great while. Since you has the basement sealed, you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew. Everything will be safe, secure, and easy to find when you need it.

A Suite For Your Guests

What happens when you have weekend guests. Do the kids have to play musical beds in order to make room for the visitors? Maybe the guests usually end up in the den on the fold-out sofa. Neither approach is all that great.

Why not convert the basement into a suite for guests? They’ll enjoy a cozy space that comes with plenty of privacy. To make things better, add a full bath to the space. You might even want to include a small sink along with an under the counter refrigerator so they don’t have to come up the steps every time they want something to drink.

Along with making your guests more comfortable, the children get to keep their rooms and sleep in their own beds. That’s a win for everyone.

A Bedroom For Your Teenager

Your oldest child would love to have his or her own room. Since there’s no space upstairs for that type of arrangement, turn to the basement. It can be prepared and decorated in any way that your teenager would like. Along with giving your oldest child his or her own space, think of it as a good way to help your child take the first steps toward taking care of a space that’s all their own. Those skills will come in handy when the child goes off to college and has to keep a dorm room tidy and organized.

Your Own Home Office

Have you dreamed of having a study or home office where you can get some work done in peace? A converted basement is the ideal solution. Whether you’re working on tasks that have to do with family finances or trying to launch a side business to make some extra money, the basement can be a secure and quiet place to work. Since it is somewhat removed from the upper floors, it’s easy to do your work, ascend the stairs, close the door, and forget about the space until it’s time to take care of a few more tasks.

These are only some of the ways that you could put a finished basement to good use. Think about your lifestyle and how the basement could be an asset. Once you have a plan, call a contractor and get to work. The conversion can likely be completed a lot sooner than you think.

Photo: Addi Gibson, Pixabay