• By: Kate More

What the heck is a Pét-nat

Wine trends come and go, but one trend seems to be sticking around with the cool kids — Pét-nat! So what is Pét-nat? In a nutshell, Pét-nat, aka pétillant naturel, is an unfined and unfiltered sparkling wine, and despite being a trendy tipple, Pét-nat has been around for thousands of years.  Produced in the ancestral method, Pét-nats are bottled and corked while still fermenting, thereby creating bubbles as a by-product of the fermenting grape sugar. Compared to the lengthy and pain-staking process used to produce traditional-method sparkling wines like Champagne, Crémant, or Cava, the Pét-nat process is pretty quick and dirty.

And as for the wine itself, Pét-nat is predictably, unpredictable. For starters, there is no way to buy a Pét-nat and get a guaranteed style — depending on the winemaker, this wild child wine can be either easy-sipping or super funky. It’s worth noting that funkier styles of Pét-nat are more savoury and textured, and not likely for the faint of heart.

Next, Pét-nat has no rules, it can be made anywhere, using any grapes and still be called a Pét-nat. One thing is for certain though, most Pét-nats will lose their fizz and fruity character over time, so it’s best to drink a bottle within three months of purchase.

To nab a bottle of Pét-nat, you will likely need to order direct from a winery, and lucky for Ontarians, there are plenty in Prince Edward County.

Hinterland Rosé Method Ancestral VQA 2020, $25.30

Available at the LCBO and winery-direct, this lovely Pét-nat is produced from Gamay grapes and has easy-to-love notes of raspberries, cherries and tart cranberry.


Rosehall Run Vineyards Pét-nat Cider + Wine 2020, $18

This one is perfect for the Pét-nat beginner, it’s fruity and lives up to Rosehall’s claim of “totally crushable.” Thanks to the combo of locally-grown apples and Muscat Ottonel grapes, the wine is sweeter than the average Pét-nat and delights with notes of floral, tart grapefruit, juicy pear and grass.


Trail Estate Pét-Nat White 2020, $35

Now here’s a Pét-nat for those who prefer somethin’ funky (in a good way). This blend of 68% Muscat Ottonel, 28% Pinot Gris and the balance Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Geisenheim, is a sweet n’ sour wine with notes of grapefruit, pepper, honeyed ginger, green apple and field lavender.