• By: OLM Staff

What to expect at Nature Nocturne

All photos by Canadian Museum of Nature

Have you ever wondered what happens in a museum after hours? Then Nature Nocturne, also known as “Ottawa’s Coolest Night out” is perfect for you. Experience the nightlife at the Museum of Nature after hours and dig into all the night has to offer!

This is an opportunity for you to experience Ottawa's nightlife and discover the four floors of thought provoking, interactive galleries and exhibitions. This is known to be one of Ottawa’s favourite events, which happens once every month with different themes. Going out to Nature Nocturne is a great and unique way to spend a Friday night out, along with learning or harmonizing with nature at the same time.

There is a lot going on at once, from letting loose on the dance floor to exploring the galleries and exhibits of the natural world. Unleash your creative side by participating in watercolor painting activities! Gain special access to a world full of live butterflies at Nature Nocturne's Butterflies in Flight. Revel in the tropical environment as you are surrounded with blooming plants and beautiful butterflies. This is especially ideal if you’re feeling the winter blues!

The Museum of Nature’s venue is transformed every month with a different theme, usually based upon the season. For example, the one I attended was “White Out,” which was winter themed, where everyone was dressed in white. Upcoming themes include "The Deep Blue", "Flower Power" and "Super Fly". Plunge into an ocean-inspired evening at "The Deep Blue", wallow in the world of botanicals and edible plants at "Flower Power" and soar back in time to discover flying reptiles at "Super Fly". 

I was mind blown upon entering, seeing the museum beautifully lit up against the night sky! The venue was aesthetically pleasing and well decorated, with so much going on all at once. This is one of the best nightlife experience I’ve had in Ottawa, especially in the winter!

Take your museum experience to a whole new level at Nature Nocturne!