What’s “philAUSophy” exactly?

The Australian government issued a new statement about the new wave of marketing in the tourism field. According to the statement, Australians are going to compete with the US, New Zealand, and Canada to attract more tourists. How is Australia going to dominate those countries? The new campaign “PhilAUSophy” will do its job.

In the tourism field, Aussies believe that new campaigns will help a lot. Rumors say that Australians are going to spend 38 million dollars only promoting their latest campaign. That campaign is entirely focused on Australia as a life philosophy. That’s why Australian tourism authorities merged two terms (Australia and Philosophy) into one.

According to officials, Australia is the best modern country with a mix of all-natural landscape and liberty approaches. Let’s break down the reasons why tourists may be fascinated by the new tourism campaign.

Photo: Annick Vanblaere 

Australian culture and nature

Aussies believe that their culture and life are a world-wide phenomenon. Maybe you’ve heard that Australia has a beautiful nature and landscapes that you cannot come up with any other country. If we look at the animal’s world, Australia is rich with rare-seen animals. You can find different genes of snakes, kangaroos, and other wild animals. At the same time, Australia is full of places where you can go and not only surf in the Indian Ocean but also hike the most iconic rock in the world – ULURU.

Online Gaming industry

Australia is very popular because of the transparent and accessible sector of gambling. People come from all over the world to enjoy not only the real-life building of Casinos but also get involved in the online gaming industry.

First of all, Australian gambling operators are very popular because of creative casino games. Aussies believe that online pokies Australia is the most popular game in the world. Also, Australian poker and casino websites are booming around the globe because they have a legal framework allowing improvement and adapting to new technological achievements.

Secondly, most popular gaming competitions take place in Australia. Country officials are trying to be involved in almost every online gaming competition to increase the tourism level.

One of the hottest destinations for night-life lovers

Melbourne should be the first spot if you are night-lover. The city is full of old vibes, night-lights, live music, and tons of bars. Keep in mind that Melbourne has some early 80s type of nigh-life in its vessels.

If you are looking for night clubs and EDM music hub, then Sydney is the best place. It’s some kind of mecca of EDM concerts and events

Header photo: Skeeze via Pixabay