When lip injections go wrong – Top NYC plastic surgeon discusses options

If there’s one cosmetic procedure that experienced a boom in recent years, it’s lip injections. Due to the uptick in trendy lip injections, the number of women who have experienced botched injection surgeries has increased. 

Kylie Jenner kicked off the trend by flaunting her use of cosmetic surgery on Instagram and using them to give her the trademark look copied by Instagram influencers around the world. These days, having a perfectly full pout is more important than ever.

You might have been one of the thousands of people who chose to follow Kylie’s footsteps. You might have saved up the money, searched up cosmetic surgeons, and booked your own lip injection session. You might have experienced the thrill of knowing that you would have a sexy pout in minutes. And, maybe, you might have been ready to take your first selfie.

But something went wrong.

Maybe you hired a professional who wasn’t experienced. Maybe they were experienced, but an accident happened. Whatever the reason, you quickly realized that the injections you longed for were botched. To your horror, you look in the mirror and start to wonder what you can do to reverse the damage. Though it’s rare, botched lip injections do happen. They can even happen at the hands of top surgeons.

Most of these women do not know that there is a minimally invasive way to fix most lip injections.

Dr. Philip J. Miller, a  Facial Plastic Surgeon from NYC has seen firsthand how devastating the effects of living with botched injections can be. He decided that it was crucial to help women connect with professionals who could reverse the damage. As a rhinoplasty expert who also deals with revision surgery corrections, he’s seen enough of these types of cases  to realize that it’s becoming an increasingly common issue. He  has written  various articles on the topic.


“Due to the sheer number of people who are getting lip injections, it’s only normal to expect the number of botched injections increase,” he explained. “My advice to anyone who has this issue occur is to talk to a plastic surgeon about your options, says Miller.

He says there  are three ways  to deal with botched lip injections. The most common methods  to overcome a bad injection set are all relatively simple but can depend on the type of complication that you’re dealing with.

Waiting It Out

It’s important to remember that most lip injections aren’t permanent. Injections performed with dermal fillers only last for up to a year and must be maintained in order to keep their look. Since dermal fillers eventually dissolve, some people just choose to wait it out. The problem with this is that you must live with the botched look for months. Dr. Miller noted that this isn’t necessary, since there are ways to correct botched injections that are both easy and affordable.

Evening It Out

If the complication deals with uneven lips, there’s a simple fix. A quick trip to get injections that will even out the appearance of your injection can work wonders. It is also a more affordable option, all things considered. However, this technique works best for cases where the injections are subtle and where there were no physical reactions involving the enhancements.

A Redo

Redoing your lip injections is an option, particularly if you have injections that are based on Hyaluronic Acid. HLA injections can be fixed by injecting a dissolving solution that removes the binds from the fillers. Once the original injections are dissolved, a qualified specialist can redo the injections for a better result.

More Difficult Procedures

Not all lip injections are the same. Dr. Miller points out that some may need extra work in order to be fixed, but for the most part, all botched injections can be redone. The sure way to fix your lips if you have a problem is to reach out to a surgeon as soon as you notice something awry.

To learn more about lip injections, check out his website: https://DrPhilipMiller.com

Photo: Diamantino Santos from Pixabay