Where Do We Go from Here, Wine Lovers?

Summer is officially over. At least that’s what Labor Day signified, but according to the calendar, we still have a couple of weeks left till we say goodbye to the nice weather; and while summer seems like it just got here, it will soon be time to bid the shortest, warmest season adieu. The good news, from what I hear, is that the really cold stuff isn’t due till mid-November… for whatever that’s worth.


So when did this wine column turn into your meteorological minute? Since it has become transition time here in the Great White North. You see, we Canadians are seasonal drinkers: whites and rosés in the summer, big heavy reds in the winter. Fall and spring are transitional times and we could go either way depending on… you guessed it, the weather. Below are a few interesting wines to bridge the long gap until spring’s return.


pinkus 1

For those who wish to continue in summer mode, give Bear Flag Smooth White Blend ($12.95 – #280867) a go. This is a Riesling-based blend that has hints of patio-sipper-style sweetness: pear and peach mix and mingle pleasantly on the tongue from start to finish (***½). Another patio sipper is the Barefoot Cellars Pinot Grigio ($9.95 – #53983) with all its grapefruit nuances – this is surprisingly sippable and ultimately tasty – a real value for the price (***½+).


pinkus 2

Those looking to keep the BBQ blazing might want to remember McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate Cabernet Sauvignon ($14.95 – #214577). This Australian table wine has plenty of red berry fruit (***½+), while the Shiraz ($14.95 – #610683) is just what the doctor ordered in an Aussie Shiraz: raspberry jam notes along with black cherry and a peppery finish (****) – as luck would have it, the Shiraz is on sale for $2 off till September 15.

pinkus 3

Let’s all hope the weatherman knows of what he speaks – here’s to a nice long warm fall.