• By: OLM Staff

Where Has The Mystery Gone In The Music Industry?

Anyone under the age of twenty generally only knows the world of the internet and the advantages of getting information right when we need it. As great as the internet is, it also has its downsides.

It’s sad knowing that kids in this day and age don’t get to line up at their local record store to buy an album by their favorite artist. We used to wait in anticipation for its release so we could not only hear the single that we had heard on the radio, but also what other gems awaited us on the rest of the record. Pulling out the record sleeve was a treat in itself. There was more info, photos and lyrics that you had to analyze for hours, taking it all in.

Now if I want those things, it’s only about two clicks away on Google. Where is the fun in that? There is no hype, no fanfare and no mystery. Back in the seventies, eighties and nineties you had to wait to hear your favorite new song on the radio. Now, wait twenty minutes on the radio stations short little playlists and you’ll hear it again. I get it. Times change and methods change, but it doesn’t always mean that the change was necessary just because everything else around us is advancing.

There is an argument for creating the hype surrounding a release. Today, there is so much material and accessibility that it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Building a buzz for your music is something that will set you apart. If you want deliver your hit song and amazing live show, then do the right thing and promote it in ways that are proven to work. Sure, it takes money, hard work and a good business sense.

The upside however is that your fans, new and old, will appreciate the fact that they got to feel that anticipation for you and your product. Then, they will feel the gratification for the fact that you made them wait, which made them want it even more.

The consumers, music listeners and potential fans deserve it. The hard earned money they put out to buy music and go to shows is more important than you realize. It’s like any other business, the more quality you give for the money spent, the more likely those people will be to come back for more.

Give your craft the time and effort it deserves, even if it means giving every second of your spare time to do it. The entertainment business is and always will be about the show. They want to see larger than life, they want to be entertained, and they deserve to be. Build some mystery, don’t give everything away so quickly just because everyone else is doing it. There is a reason there were so many superstars back in the earlier days of popular music. Of course, the talent was there but selling themselves was an important part of their rise to fame and they did an amazing job at it.