Why a Triple Monitor Extender is the Perfect Christmas Gift for Multitaskers

With Christmas only a week away, coming up with gift ideas can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially for that person who seemingly has everything.

If you have a multi-tasker in your life who spends hours in front of the computer, the Mobile Pixels TRIO laptop screen extender is the perfect gift they didn’t know they needed.

The impressive multi-monitor solution is compatible with macOS, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Samsung DeX. And since it’s plug-and-play with a USB-C cable, it’s sure to be universally compatible with nearly all electronic devices.

Got your attention? We intend to keep it.

Here are five reasons why it’s a formidable ally for multi-taskers. Whether they’ll be using it to study, edit videos/images, play games, monitor the financial markets, or program software, they’ll surely thank you again and again every time they sit in front of their upgraded setup.


Reason #1: Increases Productivity

Adding an extra screen to your current setup can increase productivity by up to 42 percent—even 50 percent in some cases. Throw in another monitor into the mix, and the recipient will be ready for whatever comes their way.

After all, the more you see, the more you can do.

By multiplying their available working space, users can gain access to multiple documents and apps simultaneously. They can keep working on their project on one screen while they browse for information or chat with their colleagues on the other.

This improves workflow transitions, allowing them to do more work in less time.

Reason #2: Enhances Efficiency

Research doesn’t lie: Multitasking isn’t child’s play.

Jump between tasks too much or too often, and there’s a risk of taxing your brain, which inevitably leads to less focus on cognitive tasks. It makes users more prone to distraction which—studies indicate—can lead to up to 4 times more errors!

If that wasn’t bad enough, it can take up to 50 percent longer to complete a task, seeing that it takes over 20 minutes to refocus on a task after being interrupted.

Suppose your friend is a programmer. They made a typo in one code block due to losing focus, and now they’re left with extensive revisions. That’s rarely a concern with laptop screen extenders as they place everything in front of the users’ eyes across three screens. There’s no need to switch between windows and tabs for reference which minimizes the risk of cognitive overload.

Reason #3: Room for Customization

Laptop screen extenders are attached to your laptop screen with a sliding screen mechanism and serve multiple purposes. Users can pivot the extra monitors to read long texts comfortably, slide them in and out to access multiple markets in the financial world, or collapse them entirely to keep a hawk’s eye on the main screen.

With the built-in kickstand, users can adjust the viewing angle and distance for maximum ergonomics—without additional accessories.

Reason #4: Portability

Twenty-seven percent of employees in the US work remotely. This number is set to substantially increase as workations become more popular. Employees can work from anywhere in the world while exploring beaches, historical monuments, foreign cuisine, adrenaline-pumping activities, and more without missing a beat at work.

So, if you have a wanderlust in your life, this is THE gift for them.

With the triple-screen extender for laptops in their backpacks, they can stay at their chosen destination for months instead of wrapping up their itinerary in two weeks. It’s made with durable aluminum and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), a material known for its toughness, impact resistance, and stability. And at under 4 pounds, there’s no reason they can’t bring it with them.

This makes it easy to carry around without risking musculoskeletal issues!


Reason #5: Better Collaboration

A laptop screen extender serves multiple purposes in communication and collaboration, making work easier than ever.

In the office, users can flip the screens in different directions to share their content with teammates and project leaders. Or, they can display different applications and documents on each screen (Read more: desktop mirroring and extending)

When they’re out and about, they can still keep team members in the loop by hosting meetings on one screen while taking notes on the other. Since they have an extra monitor, they can also apply changes in real time to avoid revisions and allow for a more immersive presentation.

Get Your Hands on This Multitasking Powerhouse From Mobile Pixels

A laptop screen extender makes multitasking a breeze, allowing a more efficient, productive, and seamless workflow. So, if you’re on the hunt for a gift that will wow your loved one and improve their quality of life, it doesn’t get better than this.

Check it out at the Mobile Pixels website.