• By: Allen Brown

Why everyone should visit Ottawa during the summer of 2023

Ottawa is famous for its winter activities. But there is still so much to do and so much to see even during summer. The weather is perfect for every tourist to enjoy, from world-class museums to its beautiful parks and garden. Visitors love tours, sports activities, and attending immersive events. Here are some of the recommended activities in Ottawa.

Parliament Buildings on Parliament Hill

If you are the type who admires politics and history, visit the Parliament Buildings on Parliament Hill in Ottawa during summer. Whether you’re travelling solo, or on a trip with family and friends, you can book a guided tour. This lets you see enjoy the Gothic Revival-style buildings and learn about the stories behind those historic offices.

Supreme Court of Canada

During summer, the Supreme Court of Canada offers different activities to visitors. A court tour guide will lead you to the public areas and explain how the Judicial system of Canada works. You may even be able to witness an appeal hearing.

Gatineau Park

One of the most popular destinations and in the vibrant season of summer, the park is a nature lover’s paradise. You can escape the bustling city and immerse yourself in Mother Nature’s wonders. Gatineau Park is abundant with recreational activities. The park has a breathtaking landscape, and it will give an unforgettable experience to nature lovers and tourists seeking a peaceful break.

National Gallery of Canada

This world-class art institution houses an impressive collection of local and international artworks. The National Gallery of Canada offers a captivating experience that showcases the power of art in all its forms. History lovers and art enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a world of beautiful artistic treasures, from iconic Canadian works to world-class masterpieces.

Rideau Canal

Located in the heart of Ottawa is this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists should consider visiting the Rideau Canal during the summer. The spot is perfect for tourists seeking relaxation or immersion in the Canadian cultural experience. It offers a wide variety of activities for tourists from outdoor adventures to scenic beauty to historic exploration and cultural events.

Britannia Beach

The Britannia Beach is located along the Ottawa River. It offers a delightful coastal experience and a wide selection of activities for its visitors during the summer. While you enjoy the beauty of the Ottawa River, you can bask in the sun during the summer and engage in water activities. This is a perfect destination for someone seeking relaxation and making lasting summer memories.

Ottawa Jazz Fest

This annual festival is a perfect event for music enthusiasts. During the famous Ottawa Jazz Festival, music lovers can immerse themselves in the captivating world of jazz music. Whether you are a jazz enthusiast or simply love music, this festival will bring unforgettable experiences that will leave you inspired to participate in it in the coming years.

Other activities

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Image Credit: Unsplash