Why Press Office Jobs Are Only Bad If You’re in The White House

After the scandals in America involving key figures like Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, losing their jobs or resigning, it can be easy to imagine a career in PR to be quite a stressful, high stakes one where failure comes with huge consequences. Actually, outside of the White House, PR can be a really interesting and rewarding career where you don't have to feel the eyes of the world upon you, but do get to talk to an audience about a topic you believe in – whether it's a brand, your own business venture, or something more cause-based.

Working in PR Can be Fun!

Working in the public relations or press office section of a company or organization doesn't have to be stressful or scary. A lot of the time, these are the jobs where you get to meet more people and respond to situations in a calm and timely way. If you are representing a brand and trying to improve their PR, you will often find yourself at interesting and glamorous events, or you will have to speak on behalf of your brand to members of the media. You'll also find yourself working as a strategist, trying to keep good PR when things happen that could affect how the public view your brand. It can be exciting, and while sometimes stressful, it is also a lot of fun.

Is A Career in PR Right for You?

If you have been wondering about the right career path to take as a student, or you are someone older looking for a shift in career, then you shouldn't be put off a career in PR by recent events in politics. Normally, a PR person works with a business or cause to help ensure they are portrayed in a way that matches their objectives in the media, and that they develop a good public image. This can involve a lot of skills, but if you are an outgoing person and have a good way with words, a PR career is almost certainly one you'll find satisfying and fun.

How to Get into A Career in PR or Press Offices

There are no official set requirements for working in a press office or PR role, but to get the skills that will make you a good employment prospect in this field you could do something like an online master of communication management degree. An online MCM degree is a well-respected qualification and during your course with your chosen school (and many good colleges offer online courses in this area now), you'll learn a lot of the skills needed to both perform PR yourself and come up with good PR strategies.

PR and press office work may not be for everyone. However, it can be an excellent and lucrative career choice for people with a passion for communication and the right educational qualifications. If this sounds like you, don't be put off by the dramas in the White House and start working towards your own communications career today!