Why the Modern City Worker Should Have a Nootropics Pack in their Bag

The life of today’s city dweller is synonymous with the busy bee: work, work and more work. You just have to get a bit smarter to find an escape moment for precious ‘me-times.’ Everyone is on the go and you can practically ‘touch’ the buzz all around you as you work in the office, walk or drive on the road, especially in leading cities like Ottawa, New York, Tokyo or Beijing. And it really can be stressful, except if you’ve discovered the magic of Nootropics…

So, what exactly are nootropics and why should you have them as an essential kit in your worklife? Well, if you only heard about nootropics for the first time after watching the film “Limitless”, then you are not alone.

While nootropics are not actually magical brain drugs that turn you into a super intelligent super human, you might have noticed that there’s been lots of talk  around them lately.

Nootropics are substances that help to improve cognitive functions such as focus, clarity of thought, memory, and alertness. The word “nootropics” originates from Greek and is the result of two combined words: “mind” and “tuning”. Nootropics literally means “affecting the mind” or “tuning the mind.” This makes sense, especially when you consider that nootropic compounds enhance concentration, learning, reasoning, and general mental performance.

Nootropics as smart drugs

Nootropics are often colloquially referred to as “smart drugs”, but this is not necessarily correct. Smart drugs are off-label drugs or prescribed medicines that need to be regulated, while nootropics are made of synthetic and natural compounds that include antioxidants, vitamins, and herbal extracts.

While smart drugs are deployed in the treatment of cognitive disorders such as narcolepsy and ADHD, nootropics are taken with the intention of enhancing mental functions.

Perhaps the confusion for many lies in the practice of using drugs such as Adderall, which is used to treat ADHD in order to improve cognitive performance, even when the user has no mental disorders. The practice is common among students who are looking for an edge to pass their exams and make good grades.

It’s important to note that while nootropics don’t have that many side effects, smart drugs may cause side effects and pose habit-forming and tolerance risks.

How nootropics can help the modern city worker cope better

Every modern city worker energy and brain boost needs are different, depending on their varying factors such as portfolio and job expectations, city transport network and drive or walk time between the home and physical office.

Your mind and body also matter because while at times you may be struggling with focus through the day, at other times you may have problems maintaining a suitable mood or sleeping enough at night.

Different nootropics work for different situations so it’s important to start on the right note. If you’re looking for information on nootropics, check out Best 5 Supplements to help you deal with what you need to. Meanwhile, here are some of the ways nootropics can help you take control of your mind and hit work or personal targets without suffering a burnout.

  1. Better memory retention

It can be ridiculously difficult keeping up with the million and one things you have to do in a single day. With the right nootropics supplements, you’ll be amazed how easily you would be able to remember everything, from small items on your daily to-do list in the office to major work tasks in your KPI in the months to come.

  1. Improved focus

There is nothing more precious than focus, especially when you’re in the workplace and need to forget about how your kids are coping at school or the chores waiting for you at home. Nootropics can help you work faster and more efficiently by helping you concentrate on the task at-hand.

  1. Enhanced mood

Dealing with all the buzz and endless activities at work to the honks and bonks on your home drive can be a mood killer. With nootropics, you can end up with better moods all day long, and then (at close of work) go home with a smile and ready to give a bear hug to your kids — rather than looking all stressed out.

  1. Reduced fatigue

Nothing defines stress better than being a mom or dad that has to work long, hectic hours. You want to get home and spend quality time with your kids but you might be too tired. With nootropics, you can change that story and become that super mom or dad you’ve always wanted to be.