Why Virtual Offices are Taking Over Real Offices

Renting out or leasing an office can be expensive, especially when you work for yourself. This brings up a very viable answer to this problem, which is virtual offices. What exactly is a virtual office, you ask? A virtual office involves cloud computing, as well as telecommunicating. With the advances in modern technology in general, a virtual office can be a benefit for anyone, even the skeptics. Your work will still be completed in the time you it, and in the manner which you would like it done, but without all the headaches.


With the high quality of internet nowadays, along with all the apps and other programs, practically everything that is done in a conventional office, can also be completed through the internet. From facetime, to skype, emailing, google apps, as well as many others, connecting with colleagues instantly has never been so easy. Industries such copywriting, public relations, advertising PPC agencies and design all communicate through online means. They can even get IT to fit their needs. This makes work in general more cost and time efficient, and it can be quite enjoyable when using these tactics.

The rising cost of transportation, along with communication fees is putting many companies in a position stuck between a rock, and a hard place. Many of these companies are turning to using virtual offices, even if only for part of the day. It is shown that within a family, much of at least one financial contributors earnings, get instantly taken by the many various costs of living and working in today’s ever-increasingly competitive world. Just the financial bonus to virtual offices is enough to make anybody consider the switch.

You Don’t Need as Many People on Your Payroll Permanently

When you don’t have a legitimate, tangible office, you also don’t need to pay for onsite security, hire cleaners, a trash collecting company, along with all the other smaller costs that go along with a traditional office.

All your employees of freelancers that are on your payroll will also have their own equipment, from things used to complete whatever task is at hand, to desks, chairs, bathroom supplies, and so on. This really minimizes the financial burden of owning or operating your own business. This is a huge benefit that had professionals and business owners alike, making the switch to virtual offices.

Other Incentives

When you have a virtual office, you no longer must deal with the noisy people occupying the space next to your office. Working by yourself, you control the environment that you work in. You can shut everything off and just conduct your business in pure quietness, if you would like. This can have a huge impact on your work, in many ways. Your virtual office options are numerous.

If you feel it is necessary for you to have a personal assistant, and this is your reasoning for not making the switch, think again. You can hire a virtual personal assistant that will be just as good as a normal assistant, but again you don’t have to eat the costs of having an assistant. You also will only have to use them when you need them, also lowering your payroll. They can assist you on your time, as well as theirs.

Operating within a virtual office will also give you the ability to find, and employ, more experienced workers. When your office is in a physical location, the scope of possible employees is limited to who would drive to your location. You will also see, that free lancers and professionals who work from home, have tons of experience, and have the skills you need exactly. Being able to work on multiple, different projects at once, also gives freelancers the upper hand, because they tend to be efficient in more than one skill set, as well as having experience spread over many various fields.

When deciding what, you should pay for people’s services, you don’t have much of a choice when consuming a physical location. Price will depend more on the industry average, but when you use a virtual office, you can pay people what you feel their work is worth exactly, and you two can also negotiate these terms a little more than you would in person.

When paying an hourly rate, it is necessary to always check in on your employees to ensure they are getting work done consistently. With hiring workers virtually, most projects have a set price on them, as well as a deadline. So, you will be saving money and time, while still knowing the work you need done, is getting completed. A very helpful and useful thing in many aspects of business, and personal time management.

With all the benefits that going along with having a virtual office, including many others, you can now see why it is so appealing to today’s businesses, and freelancing professionals. Maybe it’s time that you checked it out to.