Why you should bet on the Montreal Canadiens futures

Every NHL season, there are teams that we rule out as non-contenders that manage to find a way to hang in the race.

Indeed, the season is winding down and the Montreal Canadiens are steps behind the other clubs competing in the east. However, with a handful of wins, the Habs are still in the conversation, and they might just be one of those teams that shows us that this is still the NHL, where anything is possible.

Are the Habs likely to get in? Probably not. However, here’s why they could.

Carey Price

If you follow the NHL, you know a hot goaltender can make a world of difference.

If you’ve followed the Montreal Canadiens, you know that Carey Price has the ability to put his teams on his shoulders and make them a threat.

Price went through a horrible stretch toward the end of November, one of the worst of his career. Price finished the month with a 3.77 GAA and .883 Sv% and the Canadiens appeared to be in free-fall.

He rebounded some in December, turning in a much more palatable 2.75 GAA and .908 Sv%. But we’ve been seeing vintage Price since the calendar flipped to 2020.

All he did in the month of January was turn in a 2.09 GAA and .934 Sv% to keep his team from falling completely out of the race and into lottery pick territory.

While that’s all well and good, Price has cranked up his play another notch here in the month of February, posting a 1.68 GAA and .946 Sv% en route to three straight wins.

Price has been unbelievable since the All-Star break, but at the time of writing, he’s posting a 2.79 GAA and .909% Sv%. Once hockey’s fully back on track, we’ll have to see whether or not Price will prove himself as the backbone to the Canadiens franchise.

Because of some up-and-down play over the last couple of seasons, Price has a lot to prove to his doubters here in the second half of the 2019-20 season. And if he can come close to maintaining this pace, the Canadiens may just find a way into postseason action.

Road Success

When you look at the best teams around the league, they all make things extremely difficult for opponents on home ice.

While that’s important to winning, the Canadiens have done things in reverse fashion this year and played extremely well on the road and have done some of their best work at both ends of the ice.

Indeed, the Habs have scored more on the road, given up less, been better on special teams, and Price has been brilliant away from the Bell Centre where he’s turned in a 2.66 GAA and .917 Sv%, superior numbers to his 2.91 GAA and .901 Sv% on home ice.

Ask any Canadiens player, and they will tell you their play needs to ratchet up a few notches at home. They’ve been better there as of late, but finding a way to win on the road as consistent underdogs has been key to whatever level of success the Canadiens have enjoyed this season.

Winning at home is important, but being able to play at a high level on enemy turf is also the trait of a quality hockey club.

Puck Possession

Whether you’re a believer of advanced metrics in this league, and every NHL team is to a certain extent, the underlying metrics on this Canadiens team are some of the very best in the league.

At 5v5 on the season, the Canadiens currently hold a 54.7% Corsi For percentage, with a 53.98% Scoring Chances For percentage, and a 9.9% High-Danger Chances For percentage.

In other words, the Canadiens are generating a greater percentage of attempted shot share (Corsi) and are getting the best of their opponents in the scoring chance department.

Their numbers at home are better and the Canadiens are outshooting the opposition with their current total goals per game sitting at 6.03.

Their possession advantage at home hasn’t paid much dividends this season, but some of that had to do with Price’s struggles in late November. When Price heats up and starts to take care of his end of the bargain, it should turn into more success at the Bell Centre.

If they can keep up their quality work on the road, and if their home record continues to improve along with Price’s strong possession game, that would ensure more points in their pocket down the stretch.

How to Bet on the Canadiens

If you don’t live in a place with legalized gambling, online sportsbooks are going to be your resource to bet on the Canadiens to make the playoffs or to win the Eastern Conference and/or Stanley Cup.

Vegas Books

Of course, your local Vegas sportsbook is a great way to place a bet on the Canadiens if at all possible. Vegas sportsbooks often have online websites that can be used to place wagers within state lines.

One thing to be sure of when placing any bet on the Canadiens is to ensure you do your homework and research what lines the various books are offering.

If you’re serious about squeezing the most value out of your sports gambling in general, line shopping is an integral part to this, as getting the best line possible can really add up over time and maximize profits.

So, don’t take the easier route and place a bet on the first line you see. Make sure to do your research, shop around, and ensure you are getting the maximum value upside with your Canadiens wagers.

Other Online Sports Betting Sites

Of course, if you don’t reside within Nevada, the most convenient way to placing a wager on the Canadiens is by betting online. There are dozens of real money betting sites that offer odds on the Canadiens, and you can bet from anywhere, even the comfort of your own home.

Online gambling has become a massive market and it’s also an advantage for the consumer, as online sportsbooks are constantly competing to deliver the most competitive odds in order to attract as many bets as possible.

As noted above, make sure you do your line shopping before placing online bets. Many of the sports betting sites may have similar odds, but the objective is to get the best odds possible to maximize profits and put more money into your own pocket.