Why You Should Try a More Personalized Domain Name TLD

Now that you've chosen your human resources domain name, do you really have to go with a .com or .org? Some people believe that you either pick one of those two top-level domains or none at all. Yet, is there any rhyme to that reason? Actually, there isn't. You see, you won't rank higher with a .com or .org because Google ranks all TLDs the same–this includes the new gTLDs. What matters most is having a solid domain name, which resonates with your target market. So, if you are building a career website–why not take it one step further with a descriptive TLD?

Make it memorable

If you're living in the British Indian Ocean, you might look into .io domain names in order to relate to the local citizens. The point is to make your domain name timeless. For a professional website, you want to try to avoid using something funny. It might crack a few people up today, but will that be the case 50 years from now? Comedic tastes change. As a result, it is important to keep it simple.

Optimize your domain name

You want a domain name which appeals to your target market, but it should also rank in the search engines. So, you should spend some time optimizing for that. You might even look into using two or three-keyword combinations that might describe your site perfectly. If you ran a cupcakery, you might consider perfectfluffycupcakes.com. That is an easy domain name to remember and spell. Plus, it also serves as advertising for your business.

Make the TLD part of your name

Think of how customers might reach your site. Will they type your company name into the URL bar and hit enter? On the other hand, will they click on a link to get to your site? One way to intrigue visitors is to use a TLD as part of your entire domain name.

Look at popular sites such as last.fm or del.icio.us, which don't use either .com, .org or even .net. Yet, they are both very well-known and high-ranking sites. So, think of your company name and a matching TLD. You might select something along the lines of programming.jobs or administrative.jobs; yes, .jobs is a great TLD to use for a career site.

It can be one of the quickest means of advertising your company's human resources site online. When people see .jobs, they will instantly think of employment opportunities and job hunting. It can also reinforce your presence online. All .jobs domain names are sponsored by The Society for Human Resource Management.

In addition, this TLD is designed for companies and organizations to post their job listings. You might even use it for your career page listing and put your company name in front of it. To illustrate, you could use companyname.jobs. If you saw that particular domain name, you would know exactly what it means. Plus, it's easier for people to type and remember .jobs than having to type a forward slash before the word, "jobs."

The perfect name is all that matters

Having a precise and memorable name is really all that matters when it comes to domains. After that, you can actually pick any TLD of your preference. This is true even if you already have a well-established company name. It could be modified to companyname.biz, which is better than creating a new domain name from scratch. It also needs to be straightforward and easy to spell.

People will not take the time to figure out a lengthy and complicated URL. And, if they type it the wrong way, they will either be taken to another site or see an error message. By that time, they will have given up looking for your business and would have moved on.

Country designations

As stated earlier, using a country designation might help to get better acquainted with the local populations. You can use your company name and a country designation TLD in every location where you would like to do business. In this sense, you are truly global yet, showing that you can relate to the citizens.

Just make sure that each site clearly states that it is designated for that particular country. And, keep in mind that some country domains can only be registered if you actually operate in that country. When you get a country designation TLD, it helps your company to look more like a local business. And, people like to support local businesses.

Once upon a time, you only had a few choices with regard to domain names and TLDs. Today, your options feel almost limitless. Plus, you can select various TLDs to help build your business brand in your home country and abroad.

Katrina Manning is a published author and content marketing writer for Build Niche Links. Over the past eight years, she has written thousands of articles in the business, tech and lifestyle genres. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, experimenting with new recipes, traveling, playing with her cat and looking at Instagram pics.