Why you should wear white shoes AFTER Labour Day… and How

We’ve all heard the adage “never wear white after labour day”. Some of us believed it and some us… well, detested restrictions. I was a part of the latter. White shoes always added a sharp twist to any outfit and made me feel like Miranda Priestly walking out of her office building ready to conquer the world. I started off with white sneakers and paired it with everything in my closet from skinny jeans, culottes, cigarette pants to flared pleated skirts. Depending on which one I select, the white sneakers gave the overall look a different mood. I then graduated on to white stilettos and that made all the difference. Like black shoes, white pairs well with everything. The only difference? It amplifies the outfit and makes everything crisp. Here are a few of my favourites to nudge you in the right direction when it comes to looking for the perfect pair.


KEDS X kate spade new york Champion Glitter in Cream Glitter

These sneakers are not for the faint of heart if you’re still trying to dip your toes in the white shoe game. However, if you’re an enthusiast these are must haves and they are so coveted that I had to go up half a size just to make sure I owned a pair. The chunky glitter is magically glued on to the shoe no matter how rough you are with them (I speak from experience) and they hold so much sparkle that they add an oomph to those boyfriend-fit ripped jeans you’ve been dying to wear.  

Superga 2750 Sneaker

These puppies aren’t revered as much as the Adidas Stan Smith but they ought to be. They are incredibly comfortable, easy to wear and pair nicely with high-waisted, light-washed skinny jeans. Versatile and easy to clean, these merely need a good wipe using paper towels with a dab of leather cleaner.

Halo Heels:

Sam Edelman “Ariella” Ankle Strap Sandal

Allow me to make the case for white strappy shoes seeing as how everyone bellows for the nude sandal (not that I have any issues with nude strappy heels). They pair nicely with everything from skinny jeans (clearly my favourite go-to), dressy shorts or a sweet dress. They add a nice contrast and pop to outfits as opposed to the grounding effects of a black shoe.

Stuart Weitzman “The Nearlynude” Sandal

Here’s a little something for those of us who need a little more support than stilettos supply. This block heel strappy sandal allows for better arch support while maintaining a chic aesthetic. These shoes go well with anything and everything in your closet and makes for an easy transition from day to night.


L’Intervalle Davenport White Leather

These white boots are a sure-fire way to amp up your outfit come fall, spring or summer… (maybe not the hottest days of summer). These boots cut off at the right length ensuring not only a comfortable fit at the entry point but also a flattering cut when wearing your favourite skinny jeans or those cute pair of high-waisted shorts. To clean, simply wipe down with leather cleaner.

Jeffrey Campbell Total Ankle Bootie

True to its name, the Total Ankle Bootie begins exactly at the bottom of your ankles which makes them the perfect pair for your skinny jeans showing a sliver of skin making it seem like you’ve got Giselle Bundchen legs. High-wasted anything alongside these shoes will make you look like you’ve got legs that stretch out to the moon and back.

I suggest you go out and get yourself any one of these and you’ll be sure to feel like a million bucks and something off of The Jetson’s for how fashion-forward you are.