Wines to make that turkey sing and a few fall favourites!

Fall cuisine means a return to heartier dishes, with casseroles, stews, roast red meats, and fall vegetables predominating on the menu. With those dishes, we turn to more full-bodied red wines and richer whites. Meanwhile, it’s still barbeque season, too. 

Fall Favourites to Remember

Umberto Cesari Liano Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 Italy

Cabernet Sauvignon is a classic match for roast beef and steak. For a new twist on this favourite red wine, try a Sangiovese-Cab Sauvignon blend like this one. You’ll find the bright cherry flavours from the Sangiovese along with more full-bodied notes of dark berries, vanilla, and sweet spice from the Cab Sauv. The finish on this delicious wine has lots of dark chocolate flavour, too. Hard to beat! Enjoy with prime roast or game.

LCBO# 22508  •  $23.95

Faustino I Gran Reserva Tempranillo 2010 Rioja, Spain

Rich, fragrant and opulent, with layers of flavour, satiny texture, and lingering finish, all in a very harmonious balance. It offers aromas and flavours of tart cherry, vanilla, sandalwood, violets, leather, fine tobacco, and earthy mushrooms. The acidity is just right, making it versatile with food. Pair with garlic rosemary-crusted lamb chops, roast duck, mushroom risotto, or hard cheeses like Manchego or Gran Paderno. It would also work well with roast pork or steak.

LCBO# 976662  $32.95

Raymond Classic Chardonnay 2020  Saint Helena, California

A  plush, full-bodied Chardonnay with delicious aromas and flavours of butterscotch, ripe pears, figs, and a little citrus. The texture is creamy, and you’ll taste honeyed fruit on the finish. This rich Chardonnay has enough body and richness to stand up to the turkey, and the citrus note will work nicely with the bright flavour in the cranberry sauce. It’s also an excellent choice that works well with salmon or roast chicken. It offers great value for a medium-priced California Chardonnay.

LCBO# 269753  •  $18.00

Tommasi Amarone Valpolicella Classico 2017 Italy

Amarone is a truly special wine that you will never forget once you have tasted it. The grapes used to make it are grown in the scenic hills near Verona in northern Italy. It is crafted using a traditional method that involves the manual selection of the grapes, followed by drying the grapes for about three months in a well-ventilated loft. This leads to the great concentration of flavour in the resulting wine.

Smooth and elegant, this beautiful red wine shows the hallmarks of classic Amarone: perfumed, flavourful, and bright, with typical Amarone richness.  Look for layered flavours of dark cherries, prune, licorice, mocha, and herbs, with a velvety smooth texture. It’s the perfect accompaniment to game, red meats, or mature cheeses, and it also works well with chocolate desserts. An ideal wine to share with friends and family over a leisurely meal. When you’re looking for a special wine, whether as a gift or for a celebration, Amarone is one that will make everybody happy.

LCBO# 356220 Vintages Essential  •  $49.95

Wines to Make that Turkey Sing!

If you’re like many Canadians, there’s a big bird coming to a table near you on the weekend of October 10th.  Roast turkey gives you a few different wine options:

Chardonnay  If some of your dinner guests prefer a white wine with the turkey, a buttery-rich Chardonnay is a great option. The vanilla flavours work well with the rich turkey and gravy, and the citrus note will complement cranberry and fruit sauces. The Raymond Classic Chardonnay is a sure crowd pleaser.

Pinot Noir is the classic choice of red wine with turkey because its tart cherry flavours and bright acidity balance the richness of the turkey and gravy. Its fruit flavours also pair well with cranberry sauce.  A tip for the cranberry sauce if you want to take it up a notch; add a splash of brandy or port for added depth of flavour.

Louis Jadot Bourgogne Pinot Noir ticks all the boxes for quality and flavour. 

This is a smooth and silky French Pinot Noir. It offers aromas and flavours of raspberry, tart cherry, subtle spice, mocha, and earthy elements. All elements of the wine are in harmonious balance.  Polished and satiny in texture, it has a lingering flavourful finish. Pinot Noir is your go-to red wine with a variety of foods. It will pair equally well with lamb chops, salmon, or mushroom risotto. Its excellent structure and lively acidity make it very versatile.

LCBO# 162073  •  $30.00

Gewurtztraminer – If that’s a mouthful, just say “Gewurtz.” This is a lovely alternative to Chardonnay if you’re serving a spicy condiment or sauce with your turkey. A favourite Gewurtz is Willm Gewurtztraminer Reserve, from France’s Alsace region. It’s uniquely fragrant, with delicate rose petals and lychee aromas. The satiny, luscious palate also shows honey and wet stone with hints of nutmeg and ginger. 

LCBO Vintages# 269852  •  $18.95

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