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Winning Online

Mobile Gaming and Online Casino’s in Canada

If You Found $300,000 in a Paper Bag Would You Return It? The  Yellow Checker Star cab company in Las Vegas recently named Gerardo Gamboa its “Driver of the Year” and gave him a  $1,000 cash reward for being honest and returning  $300,000 cash that had been left in a paper bag in his taxi by  a forgetful 28-year-old professional poker player. It’s hard to believe that someone would forget that much money in a cab, but it’s easy to understand the embarrassment. In this gaming story everyone wins. The cabbie got recognition and a cash reward for being honest and the professional high-stakes poker player who forgot about the money recovered his cash back because of an honest cabbie.  Gaming is now a global phenomenon, especially in Canada. While Las Vegas is still the most famous gaming city in the world, Ottawa residents spend millions each year at the Lac Leamy Casino or the Rideau Carleton Raceway Slots venue.

t even need to go to a land based casino to gamble. Millions of Canadians participate in online gaming using their smart phones, tablets, handheld devices, and PC gaming or console products. The recent shift toward mobile gaming is shaping the way all games, console included, are being made. Apps are also a big factor in the growth of online gaming. An app can do pretty much anything and developers are introducing new game app ideas and making them available online where they earn billions of dollars annually. Many new apps allow players to enjoy classic games on their smart phones. Where can I play Canadian casinos on my phone?

The online gaming world is shifting to become a mobile gaming world. At least in that world there is less of a chance you will leave your winnings in a cab.