Working from the comfort of home

Want to join the millions of people across the globe who already enjoy working from the comfort of their homes? Here’s why it’s well worth looking into further.

Good for health and wellbeing

One of the biggest benefits to working from home is that it’s good for your body and it’s good for your mind. Health and happiness are so important, but in many kinds of jobs these things can really suffer. First of all, working from home is comfortable — you can wear what you want, you can sit how you want and you can take breaks when you want. You can create a home office that appeals to you and feels comfortable, you can find the perfect desk and chair that allows you to sit comfortably and doesn't give you the back and neck ache that many offices are notorious for. The stress of commuting to and from work every day, whether it’s by car or on public transport can also be bad for mental wellbeing, and generally being forced to work between set times (even if those times don’t sync up with when you’re at your best) are all things that contribute. Other ways you can stay healthy when you work from home is by arranging healthy breaks in your day. You could pop out to the gym or swimming at lunchtime or walk your dog, if you get back a little late you can just make up the time later on. This isn’t something you can do when you’re in a standard workplace! Fitness centres and gyms are always quiet during the day too, so you can avoid the 5pm-8pm rush. Another way that working from home is good for your health is it allows you to be more flexible with your eating. Instead of a soggy sandwich (or being tempted by a fast food joint nearby) you can cook tasty, healthy meals from scratch as you have full access to your kitchen. A sad looking salad prepared the day before might not be all that appealing once you get it to a workplace, but made fresh it will be delicious and something you’ll actually want to eat.

Lots of options

Working from home these days is becoming more and more common, and that’s because there’s an increasing number of jobs that can be done without going into a traditional workplace. This means that if you want to work from home, there are lots of options to do so. If you’re already working an office or computer based job, you could speak to your employer about moving to a home based position. They might agree to a few days a week at first which then increases, or you might be able to work from home full time but still be required to attend things like meetings or training days. If you’re looking for work, chances are you have the skills from previous jobs that would allow you to work a remote position. For example, reception, call centre and other phone based jobs can now be done online. Just about any role where you’re on the computer all day can be done from home, and if you have a skill like writing or design, then you could become a freelancer or be a remote worker for a company requiring these skills. If you have another language, you could be doing anything from writing articles to working on video translation services — the options are endless. Have a think about your skills and past experience in work, then have a look for home based positions that match up with what you feel you could do. Don’t forget, many companies will offer training so you don’t always need to have an exact skills match.


Flexibility truly is one of the best things about working from home. The thing with work is that it’s time consuming, many of us have to work around eight hours each day to earn enough money to live. But it’s not just the time working we need to factor in, it’s time getting ready, time getting to and from the workplace (which could be significant if your commute is long). When you work from home, there’s no commute. There’s no dress code so you don’t need to spend lots of time in the morning shaving, styling your hair or applying makeup- you can keep it casual and comfortable. Most home based jobs will give you a list of tasks that need to be done each day and a time limit, and from there you’re free to do the work as and when suits you. Maybe you want to get up early, get it all done in the morning and have the rest of the day to do other things? Perhaps you want to get some extra sleep and have a relaxed morning and start work a little later. Maybe you prefer to space things out, if you have kids or other commitments you can be around to drop them to school, pick them up, attend plays and sports days and still get your work done by starting earlier or finishing later. You’re no longer a slave to the system, the work is done on your schedule (as long as you’re meeting deadlines). This means that you can find a great work/ life balance and aren't having to arrange everything else in your life around the times that you’re at work.

Better use of time

This comes back to more flexibility and no commute, but working from home means you can make better use of your time. You can arrange your schedule in the best way to suit you and your life, ensuring that you’re getting your work done but in a way that works for you. It frees up time for hobbies, to spend with the family or to make progress in areas not relating to work which again gives you better work life balance. If you’ve been used to leaving for work at 7am and not getting home until gone 6pm due to traffic, saving just that hour in the morning and the evening where you don't have to commute can be such a luxury. A chance to jump in the bath and relax, write in your journal, bake a cake, prepare a tasty dinner or take your kids to the park!

Less distractions

Many people who have never worked from home claim they could never do it because they’d be too distracted. Admittedly, there are many things that could distract you at home if you’re not in the right frame of mind- from drinks and snacks in the kitchen to your pets to the tv. However, when you start working from home you quickly start to zone these things out, and actually being in your own comfortable environment can allow you to focus better. Sure, you’ll need to switch off your tv and put your phone away if you don't want to be distracted, but since you’ll be working on your own there’s no harassment or distractions from colleagues or other people. Set yourself up a good home office which is nice to spend time in but allows you to focus and get your jobs done. Think neutral walls, nice decor, a large sturdy desk and a chair that you can sit on for many hours without getting uncomfortable. Plants have been shown to boost productivity so pop one on your desk, and if you can, place the desk close to the window. The natural light boosts mood and again, has been shown to boost productivity.

Save money

We go to work because we have to earn money. Some people are lucky enough to have a job they genuinely enjoy and do for reasons other than payment, but for the most part, many of us would quit our jobs if we won the lottery as it’s simply a way to pay the bills. So the last thing you want to be doing when it comes to earning money is actually spending money! But in most jobs, this is what happens. We spend money on getting to and from work. We spend money on lunches that we don't particularly enjoy but they’re easy to transport. In some cases, you might be spending money on work clothes that are not reimbursed. When you work from home, you avoid all of these costs. You’re not having to spend money just to go and do your job, which lets face it, none of us want to do. Chances are you’ll need a good laptop or computer that you’ll need to buy yourself, but you probably own this already anyway. Anything you do spend on your work from home is tax deductible if you’re self employed, even things like your household bills! Definitely something to look into as a home based worker.

Photo: Pixabay