WoW TBC Warrior DPS – The attributes you need to know about

If you're going to play as the Warrior DPS, then knowing the stats is half the battle.

There are so many different aspects of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade that it can be hard to keep up a lot of the time. For example, what should we be doing to earn as much WoW TBC gold as possible? Or what techniques do we put in place to achieve the quickest Burning Crusade power leveling stats? One thing that is often overlooked is what stats and attributes your class has. In this particular instance, we are going to be looking at the Warrior DPS, and what it's stats should look like.

About Gear

As this is pretty linear, we will kick things off with looking at the gear you should use. You will want to hit the 9% due wielding soft cap, followed by Strength, Armor Penetration and Critical Strike so that you can get the very most out of the damage you inflict on others.

When you are first starting out in The Burning Crusade, you will notice that the gearing process is pretty straightforward. However, as you start to move through the game, it will become apparent to you that where you put your stats is going to play an important role. This is why you need to take a look into what stats you should be putting where.

The Warrior Attributes

First off, your strength is one of your main stats. This is vital to the viability of the Warrior class in general. It is renowned for the strength that is shows, which is why it's one of the primary stats that the class offers. Another vital stat is Agility. This will help you to gain a massive advantage with additional chance of critical strikes. As well as having bonuses for both armor and dodge, this is definitely something you'll want to focus on.

You should be putting something into Stamina too. This will ultimately help you survive by adding more health to the Warrior. You're going to want to be able to withstand as much damage as you can in the heat of battle, and this is the way to do so. It might not seem like it adds much to the TBC Warrior DPS aspect of it, but survivability is key. You'll also have Spirit and Intellect, but these are not something you need to focus on when playing as the Warrior class.

Other TBC Warrior DPS Stats

There are other stats that make the Warrior as effective as it is. For example, we have the Hit Rating that presents special and auto attacks. Your goal here is to be getting to the 9% hit chance that it has to offer, which is the soft cap if you don't want the enemy to evade your attacks. Then there's Expertise, which will decrease the likelihood of your foe either parrying your attack or dodging it altogether. The target cap you want to reach is 6.5% which will greatly benefit your Warrior DPS if you were to get there.

Another secondary stat is the Critical Strike chance. By now, you have probably figured out what that means, but it will help you to bump up the damage that you inflict. It not only deals more damage than standard hits, it also uses Flurry to enhance your attack and add more rage to your auto attacks.

If you are completely new to playing as the Warrior, then there's a few facts that you should probably know about. It is one of the most powerful DPS options in the entire game, and they are the essential piece to the puzzle in a number of situations. They are pretty linear in terms of their approach, simply charging and attacking all that stand before them.

That said, this does bring about certain limitations. Where it thrives in sheer power it lacks in mobility. Not only that, but you are also heavily reliant on gear. If you are going to get the most out of the Warrior, then you may even consider going to buy WoW TBC gold. Still, if you prioritise your DPS stats correctly then the positives should certainly outweigh those negatives.

There are benefits to purchasing gold too. However, if you do decide to get WoW TBC Classic gold this way, be sure to look out for any red flags. As much as it may help with WoW TBC power leveling and such, it isn't worth getting scammed, so be aware and look out for reputable vendors to purchase from.

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