Yes I Tried Botox. And This Is Why I’ll Keep Doing It.

It was totally out of the blue when it happened. I was glancing in the mirror one day, when I noticed wrinkles. And not just like one, but a whole bunch, in three separate locations. I wasn’t totally horrified – I whole-heartedly agree with the cute quote, "wrinkles are a map of a beautiful life" – but knowing there are ways to put a stop to it, I was curious! After much of my own usual research, I stumbled upon TosoniMD, touted as “Ottawa’s #1 and highest-rated botox cosmetic solo injector”. Initially, I was drawn to the term Baby Botox, a sought after treatment among celebs and influencers. But it’s really just getting botox in smaller amounts, although it ensures that your face doesn’t look completely frozen making it ideal for first-timers and prevention.

If you’re choosing to get injections in your face, you want to be damn sure you’re going to a cosmetic clinic where they know exactly what they’re doing. Better yet – why not find the person who has the educational background (B.A. in Psychology, Masters in Neuropsychology, Medical Degree, Focused Practice in Dermatology) and the experience (practices only cosmetic medicine) and administers the treatment themselves? Starting in 2000, Dr. Tosoni decided to dedicate her entire practice to Non-Surgical Medical Aesthetics. After practicing in Orleans for twelve years, she opened her downtown boutique clinic TosoniMD in the Byward Market, where she continues to passionately pursue her goal – enhancing the beauty that you already possess.

Hollie Grace James' Before and After

But after taking the leap and booking the appointment, what is actually happening during a treatment session? Let’s break it down. Botox simply refers to a purified protein that blocks the action of Acetylcholine, a chemical in our bodies that makes muscles contract. Botox blocks this from happening, so it temporarily relaxes targeted muscles and therefore the lines and wrinkles caused by them. It’s commonly used for crow’s feet and lines around the eyes, the horizontal lines across the forehead, and those infamous number 11 lines (the frown lines/folding of skin between the brows). It can, of course, also be used in other areas and for other reasons, like migraines.

If you’re worried about pain, Dr. Tosoni emphasizes that if it hurts you’re in the wrong hands. It’s quick, easy, and barely pinches. And this is coming from someone who once needed the oxygen tank during a procedure involving a needle at the dentist. And if you’re wondering how often you’ll have to go in, rest assured that it’s only every few months – more of a seasonal thing. Beauty upkeep is a big part of my routine. I get my brows done every six weeks, my brazilly every eight. I like to be able to put these kinds of things in a schedule. So, after asking Dr. Tosoni, I booked an appointment for another round four months from now – in May, right before summer, which is a popular time, so if you want to get in there, it would be wise to book now. And don’t forget that cash money. The cost varies given the total required dose aka the amount of units injected – I’d get anywhere from $200 to $600 at the ready.

According to Dr. Tosoni, the demographics are certainly changing to a younger clientele on average. This is primarily due to the fact that awareness regarding anti-aging and prevention is higher. Women aren’t wanting these procedures to be super noticeable. Natural is always in – but things can be better with a little help, if you so choose. Think less Kylie Jenner and more Meghan Markle.

I certainly like the way my skin looks when it’s smooth. In a way, Botox is kinda like a good retinol cream or a fantastic facial (but with more dramatic results that last way longer) – it enhances my natural beauty. I feel lifted and refreshed – the horizontal line’s on my forehead, as well as my crow’s feet are all but gone,

Remember: less is more. You can always ask for extra next time.